Emigration white south africans

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‘White South Africans still leaving Mzansi en masse’ – new emigration data

Emigration data published on Monday 19 reveals that a large number of white South Africans have left our shores since 2016 – continuing a familiar trend.

Emigration white south africans

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The mid-year population estimates have been revealed on Monday, with a set of stark findings grabbing the headlines. Thanks to COVID-19, life expectancy has dropped by three-and-a-half years – now down to just 62 – and we officially have over 60 million citizens living within the republic. But the number of white South Africans is dwindling

Population data: White South Africans and emigration

The 2011 Census estimated that there were about 4.679 million white South Africans in the country, making up for 8.9% of the total population. However, data from StatsSA shows that those figures have dropped, with just 4.662 million white South Africans remaining here. The number of new births is being outweighed by the emigration data.

Emigration data shows ‘mini-exodus’ of white South Africans

In the past five years alone, net migration shows a deficit of more than 90 000 white South Africans – and the data is consistent with patterns witnessed over the past 36 years. In contrast, the number of Black African and Indian citizens has grown at each interval, ensuring that the white population was whittled down to a 7.8% share of the demographics.

  • Indeed, the white population is an outlier when compared to all other racial classifications:

How the virus halted migrant folows

Despite this, COVID-19 has managed to dramatically slow down the number of people planning their own emigration in the past year or so. Such travel has almost halved, according to the latest figures, hitting popular destinations hard…

“COVID-19 restrictions and protocols, combined with increased logistical burdens around travel, limited the movement of people across international borders. Migration to the OECD member countries is estimated to have fallen by an unprecedented 46% in the first half of 2020.”

“Countries that are known to be South Africans’ preferred destination of emigration (outside of Africa) – such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia – have reported an overall decline on the proportions of immigrants arriving.”