vaccines over 50s western cape

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Outrage as ZERO vaccines administered in SA ‘over the last three days’

South Africa’s vaccine rollout has gone from bad, to worse, to… well, whatever the hell this is. Not a single jab was given out over the long weekend.

vaccines over 50s western cape

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

It just gets worse: Perhaps you can forgive politicians for mistakes made in the early days of the pandemic, when the threat of COVID-19 was new and misunderstood. Fumbling restrictions is one thing, but making a mess this size with the national vaccine rollout is bordering on the unconscionable – and no vaccines have been administered in Mzansi SINCE FRIDAY.

How many vaccines have been given in South Africa so far?

Needing to jab as many healthcare workers as possible to help ease the burden on our hospitals, only 182 983 people have received their vaccine since mid-February. That’s about 15% of the targeted 1.25 million citizens who have been prioritised for the ‘first phase’ of these inoculations. Over the past three days, the all-important figure has remained static.

The data is a real sickener, and it doesn’t look any better in its visual form: Ridhwaan Suliman, a senior researcher for CSIR, has put together this chart, showing that South Africa has inadvertently ‘flattened the wrong curve’.

‘Do vaccines also need a long weekend?’ – Jab catastrophe continues in South Africa

South Africa still has spare vaccines, but the inability to get them in the arms of our medical professionals over the long weekend is ‘utterly unethical’, according to John Steenhuisen. Understandably, the DA leader has been left apoplectic.

In a statement published on Tuesday, the opposition figurehead lamented the decision to flog one million AstraZeneca vaccines to the AU, willingly depleting the country’s reserve of doses. Despite fears that the AZ vaccine struggles to stop transmission of the 501Y.V2 strain, studies comprehensively prove these shots prevent severe cases and deaths.

John Steenhuisen rails against ‘incomprehensible’ strategy

Steenhuisen, branding Ramaphosa ‘irrational’ for sending our AstraZeneca stocks to the AU, has attacked the so-called rollout plan for its lack of detail and preparation. Make no mistake, the DA is livid with the president

“Incomprehensibly, not one single vaccine was administered over the long weekend – for three days. The South African government will tell you this is because they have no vaccines. Yet they sold one million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine over the weekend, that had been sitting in storage in Gauteng. Ramaphosa must explain this unethical, irrational decision.”

“Most likely, we don’t have a rollout plan detailed enough to implement. We haven’t prepared enough vaccination sites to be able to roll out at scale. And there is no sense of urgency to develop one. It’s a terrible irony that on Human Rights Day, government trampled heavily on those rights by denying lifesaving vaccines to vulnerable people and selling them instead.”