Homeless man’s life turned aro

Homeless man’s life turned around by kind businessman

Last week, Siyabulela ‘Dan’ Magobiyane made headlines when he was serendipitously spotted by Jay Margolis who was waiting at Bantry Bay for a client. This week, Dan’s life is completely different.

Homeless man’s life turned aro

When Jay Margolis noticed that Siyabulela Magobiyane, more commonly known as Dan, was walking to and from the beach with bags filled with rubbish, Margolis approached him and asked what he was doing. Dan responded by saying that he wasn’t paid to clean up the beach, but did it every day so that it would look nice for the tourists and would prevent rubbish from going out to sea.

When Margolis shared his experience on Facebook, Dan’s story was shared more than 37 000 times. The last line of his status read: ‘What a legend, Siyabulela Dan Magobiyane! City of Cape Town, give this man a job!’

It’s been roughly a week since the post went up on social media, and Dan has now been placed permanently in a shelter in Greenpoint. The plan is for Dan to spend three to six months there while he finds his feet in the working world, as he has also been offered a permanent job with a company called Cape Skip. The company is committed to helping Dan stay employed and to giving him a sense of dignity.

What a difference a day makes…