Alcohol ban level 3

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Bloemfontein group steadily recovers from deadly home-brewed alcohol

At this stage, nine young Bloemfontein adults are believed to have had a drink of the deadly home-brewed alcohol.

Alcohol ban level 3

Photo: Unsplash

The Bloemfontein pastor who helped transport a group of twenty-somethings to hospital after consuming deadly home-brewed alcohol on New Year’s Eve says at this stage a total of nine people are believed to have had a drink of the brew that night.

Pastor Morris Sekgutleng tells the South African about two more boys have come forward presenting symptoms after having a drink of the brew. The vast majority are now recovering at home, with one still in a critical condition at Pelonomi Hospital in the Free State capital.


Two young women have already died after consuming the alcohol. They have been identified by police as Dieketseng Ratsiu and Grace Manyane. Sekgutleng says their focus is now placed on helping the womens’ distraught families bury the deceased.


Free State police spokesperson, Motantsi Makhele, says authorities are investigating the incident. The ingredients contained in the brew remain unknown at this stage.

Makhele says the alcohol was poured into a two-litre bottle and shared amongst the friends to usher in the New Year amidst South Africa’s ban on alcohol. That bottle is now in police custody and forms part of the investigation. 


Last week, President Cyril Ramaphosa placed a dent in South African’s plans to usher in the New Year, announcing the country would return to Level 3 lockdown until mid-January 2021. This effectively reintroduced the alcohol ban

The address came after deliberations with the National coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) and the President’s Coordinating Council (PCC) after the National Health Department raised concerns about COVID-19 cases that appeared to be spiralling out of control. 

While some have welcomed the restrictions, others have continued to plead with Ramaphosa to think of workers in the alcohol industry – and how a total ban would impact them and their families. 

South African Medical Association Chairperson Angelique Coetzee told The South African that they are not calling for Level 2 lockdown, nor are they calling for Level 5 lockdown. She said they are simply calling for harsher restrictions on social gatherings and alcohol. Coetzee said there should be a ban over weekends as most of the trauma cases come in then.