drivers licenses

A South African ID book and drivers licence. Photo: Gallo images

Home Affairs denounces fake post about IDs expiring in 2018

Home affairs have quickly come out to squash a “fake” post that quickly went viral across social media. No, your ID is not about to expire.

drivers licenses

A South African ID book and drivers licence. Photo: Gallo images

Fake news and its ability to spread across social media: we were all warned. Sadly, thousands of South Africans fell for a post from “Home Affairs” that quickly went full blown viral on Monday.

The original message went out as a picture of text that was posted to various social accounts. South Africans were warned that their green barcoded ID books were set to “expire” in March 2018, everyone would have to go apply for a newer ID card.

“Kindly note that the lifespan of a green barcoded ID comes to an end 31/03/2018

Please apply for your smart card ID

Let’s share the information”

While the message sounds pretty “fake” now (especially the “let’s share the information part”) multiple security or public pages fell for the post.

On Tuesday, the real Home Affairs came out and set the record straight.

”No such announcement has been made by the department. We wish to make it clear that the green barcoded ID book remains a legal form of identification and will continue to be until such time that the Live Capture System is rolled out to all Home Affairs offices to enable South Africans to apply for Smart ID cards at their nearest offices,” the department said.

Home Affairs said that when the phasing out does happen, it will be done gradually.

“The department has developed a plan to systematically phase out the green ID book and ultimately consolidate the restoration, common citizenship, identity and dignity to South Africans.”

So if you do want to apply for a Smart ID card, you can do so at the 180 Home Affairs offices that are equipped with the Live Capture System. You can also apply at FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and ABSA branches.