Havoc in Hillbrow on day one of lockdown, SAPS and SANDF

Image via: @sthuphaM Twitter

Watch: Havoc in Hillbrow as COVID-19 lockdown sets in

The suburb of Hillbrow in Johannesburg became a scene of total chaos as some residents refused to remain indoors on day one of lockdown.

Havoc in Hillbrow on day one of lockdown, SAPS and SANDF

Image via: @sthuphaM Twitter

Hillbrow in Johannesburg, on the first day of lockdown, became a place of sheer pandemonium after some residents refused to remain indoors and adhere to the regulations set out by the president. 

Friday 27 March marked the first day of nationwide isolation and although many South Africans held to their end of the deal and stayed indoors, others did not. 

Their reasons are unspecified but that did not stop the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and the South African Police Force (SAPS) from enforcing its authority and trying to get those rule-breakers back inside. 

What’s all the fuss about you ask? Well, if South Africans don’t adhere to lockdown regulations and practise self-isolation, then the deadly coronavirus will no doubt spread even further than it already has. 

Watch: Lockdown mayhem in Hillbrow 


In the videos, clumps of people can be seen running and dispersing in the streets of Hillbrow, most likely from the clutches of SAPS and SANDF for not being indoors when they should. 

Unfortunately, we are nowhere near the end. Lockdown started at midnight on Thursday 26 March and will come to an end on 16 April, provided the regulations are adhered to and the curve is flattened, so to speak. 

According to Police Minister Bheki Cele, a total of 20 people were arrested in Gauteng on Thursday, most of all the provinces. 

Six of Gauteng’s arrests were residents of Alexandria township, where law enforcement was forced to intervene as people queued up at shops and ignored the general advice on social distancing.

“Ramaphosa gave orders to armed forces to go over the country and ensure that the people are protected and saved,” said Cele.

Latest coronavirus cases as of Saturday 28 March 

On Friday 27 March, South Africa registered its first coronavirus deaths. Two Western Cape residents – aged 28 and 48 respectively – were believed to have succumbed to the disease this week, but one of those fatalities has since been downgraded to a “suspected” case. 

This means the death toll is now at one, instead of two. 

Minister in the presidency Jackson Mthembu also said that in total, cases recorded in South Africa jumped to 1 170 on Friday.