Pollution air quality gauteng

Photo: Ventusky

ALERT: Gauteng air quality ‘to pose respiratory risk’ for the next few days

Pandemic, load shedding, looting, lockdowns, and now… a pollution nightmare. Gauteng has had it tough – and its air quality is at crisis point.

Pollution air quality gauteng

Photo: Ventusky

Of all the weather warnings you really do not need mid-pandemic, we have to put this one right at the top. It has been confirmed that the air quality in Gauteng has taken a dramatic slide, as pollution levels continue to spike throughout the province. For the remainder of the week, the so-called ‘respiratory risk’ will remain in an elevated state.

Gauteng air quality ‘poses a respiratory risk’

Following periods of intense cold over the province, warmer weather has swept into Gauteng. That has also nudged the sunburn index in the wrong direction, and the risk of absorbing harmful UV rays has also increased in the last 24 hours. The pollen count and allergy risk will also see spikes between now and the weekend.

Gauteng Weather shared an alert from their Twitter page, raising the alarm about the ‘unhealthy air quality’ threatening the region. Those vulnerable to respiratory issues have been told to take precautions, as the damaging levels of pollution pose yet another challenge for residents who have felt the full force of the COVID-19 resurgence in recent weeks.

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On Wednesday, high levels of Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Dioxide are expected to be present over large parts of Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Centurion. The morning rush hour will bring about a higher factor of pollution – and in some parts of Gauteng, it’ll be ‘off the scale’.

The air quality index for Wednesday 28 July shows how some regions in Gauteng will have pollution levels that surpass the highest value on Ventusky’s scales – Photo: Ventusky

Thursday is another grim day for air quality in the province. Ventusky’s weather-tracking technology has labelled the pollution levels as ‘very unhealthy’ in several parts of Gauteng, with the West Rand looking particularly bleak.

On Thursday, several spots will be struggling with high levels of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – Photo: Ventusky
  • – Thankfully, there will be some light relief over the weekend, as these worrying figures drop to much lower risk levels.