Hermanus land grab

Cameron Dougmore appears to be exchanging messages with Faiez Jacobs. (Photo – Masizole Mnqasela)

Hermanus land grab: DA accuse ANC of “inciting violence” in the town

Quick camerawork from a DA politician may land the ANC in hot water…

Hermanus land grab

Cameron Dougmore appears to be exchanging messages with Faiez Jacobs. (Photo – Masizole Mnqasela)

The DA Western Cape Provincial Leader Bonginkosi Madikizela has made an extraordinary claim about the ANC’s involvement in the Hermanus land grab protests.

The accusations have been made public after another DA member sneakily snapped a picture of ANC MPP Cameron Dougmore’s WhatsApp conversation with his provincial party secretary, Faiez Jacobs.

Masizole Mnqasela is a constituency head for the Overstrand Municipality. He was able to capture this image, which Madikizela believes shows the two members attempting to exploit the volatile situation for the purpose of their own policies.

What message did the ANC send about the Hermanus land grab protest?

The message at the centre of the controversy, following the Hermanus land grab protests (Photo – Masizole Mnqasela)

The message Cameron Dougmore appears to be sending reads: “This is a campaign we must lead and drive in terms of our policies. We must also look at well located private land and consider”. 

It would seem that there was a little more needed to complete the message, but the DA politician was unable to take any more covert photos at the media gathering in Hermanus. We followed up with Mnqasela, who explained why he feels this message is a cause for concern:

“It is clear from the presence of the individuals and the content of the text that they are ‘driving the campaign’. The mere fact that he says ‘identify private land and consider’ points to the ANC’s intentions. They are assaulting the constitution out of desperation for power and control.”

ANC accused of pushing for riots

Madikizela was the next to stick the boot in. Not only did he accuse the ANC of trying to stoke the emotive tensions in the region, but he even suggested that stooges for the party were “bussed in” to help create more disruption:

“The evidence clearly shows that the land grabs and subsequent unrest in the area is part of the ANC’s political agenda to instigate violence and urge residents to illegally occupy land.”

“The DA has also established that people from neighbouring areas, no doubt ANC members, were bussed into Hermanus to spread chaos, disrupt the community and vandalise private property.”

“The evidence obtained by the DA is in stark contrast to President Ramaphosa’s recent statement that the ANC government will handle the matter of land as they have always handled difficult matters, “by dialogue, discussion and engagement”.

We’ve now got espionage, government conspiracy theories and a cold war brewing between two sworn enemies. It’s not quite James Bond, but the almost cinematic drama unfolding in the coastal town has gripped the attention of the country.

Peace is gradually being restored in Hermanus after a group of protesters, frustrated with a lack of movement over housing, staged an illegal land grab on Friday. Demonstrations turned ugly, but thankfully, no fatalities have been reported.