Herman Mashaba ActionSA

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba. Image: Twitter / ActionSA

‘Take responsibility’: Herman Mashaba urged as xenophobia looms

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba has been urged to take responsibility for the ongoing tensions between immigrants and South Africans.

Herman Mashaba ActionSA

ActionSA leader, Herman Mashaba. Image: Twitter / ActionSA

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba is facing some heat over his stance and comments on illegal immigrants in South Africa. 

ActionSA also commented on the death of Diepsloot resident, Elvis Nyathi who was allegedly stoned to death and torched by a mob when he failed to produce a passport. 


As part of his 2021 Local Government Elections campaign, Mashaba was very vocal about the influx of illegal immigrants and its implications on the rule of law, employment and healthcare system. 

ActionSA said Nyathi’s murder in Diepsloot is a “stain” on the national conscience and that no person deserves to die because of their “perceived immigration status.”

“Violence will never be the answer,” Mashaba then tweeted. 

This did not sit well with many who accused the ActionSA leader and his party of fanning the flames of xenophobia. 

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“I warned you Herman Mashaba. By fanning the flames of anti-immigrant hatred, you helped create the environment that led to the burning to ashes of the Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi. Four terrified children without a father. Don’t you dare condemn the attack,” a twitter use replied.


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) was also amongst those who weighed in on the death of Elvis Nyathi.

The party said Nyathi lost his life because a group of people have enforced a dompass system in Johannesburg. This has resulted in harassment, invasion of property, theft, assault and extortion. 

“These vigilante groups attribute all crimes in this country to foreign nationals, without any scientific or crime statistics to corroborate their claims.

“As a result, it has become a syndicate that extorts people, hijacks houses, loots African-owned retail outlets, burns the stores of Africans and today burns a human being to ashes.”


The Democratic Alliance (DA) warned that the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi demands a government crackdown and said the SA’s broken immigration system is a powder keg.

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