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Helen Zille set to face motion of no confidence for her Western Cape Premier role

You need to face at least one of these motions be an official SA politician

land reform

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The no confidence motion is the third one levelled at Zille since she took the Premiership back in 2014, and yes, you’re right – it is about her colonialism tweets.

The long-running saga takes another twist this week after ANC Western Cape Acting Chairperson Khaya Magaxa sponsored the motion to discuss whether Zille should be allowed to carry on her role in the province.

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Magaxa told the media that the motion would shed some light on the DA and their true opinions, depending on if they support Zille or not:

“We are ready to debate. We are ready for the discussion, and for the DA to tell the nation whether they share their leader’s sentiments praising ‘positive’ aspects of colonialism.”

The WC Premier stepped down from all DA-related activities earlier this year after her words praising the effects of colonialism caused widespread outrage.

Vote of No Confidence

The local ANC authority want the ballot to be conducted secretly, but missed yesterday’s noon deadline to add the condition to their motion – something the DA’s provincial chief whip Mark Wiley believes they chose to do deliberately in act of ‘grandstanding’.

Well, ‘something else to moan about’ is what Wiley wanted to say. He has labelled the motion as baseless and made it clear that he does not support it.

Helen Zille’s Colonialism Tweets

The debate over the vote will take place from 17:00 today (Thursday 27th July) to decide if Zille must face further action for her tweets. Though Magaxa can’t make the hearing personally, the ANC’s provincial leader has faith that his other 14 ANC members would apply the pressure.

And why can’t Magaxa attend? Apparently, he has an ‘internal party matter’ to deal with.

It really is true what they say: People in glass houses should not throw stones, hey?