‘Hacktivists’ set their sights

‘Hacktivists’ set their sights on exposing corruption in the South African government

Anonymous — an international group of hackers known for taking on high profile targets like ISIS and exposing sensitive information — has announced that it will be tackling African governments and businesses in a drive to expose corruption, with SA high on the list.

‘Hacktivists’ set their sights

The group recently launched what it calls “Operation Africa;” focusing on child abuse, child labour and internet censorship leading to the “corruption of the African continent.”

“Operation Africa is an ongoing effort by several activists within anonymous who have begun collaborating,” Anonymous said in a statement.

“The focus of the operation is a disassembly of corporations and governments that enable and perpetuate corruption on the African continent.”

 “We will continue to fight until all of our brothers on the continent are freed from the shackles of corruption and greed,” the group said.

Anonymous has singled out seven African governments earmarked for cyber attack, these include: Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan and South Sudan, and Ethiopia.

According to Softpedia, several successful attacks have already been executed on organisations in Rwanda and Uganda.

“If the hackers stick to the #OpAfrica list order, then South Africa’s government is next,” the Softpedia report read.

As is their custom, Anonymous left their targets with a stark warning:

“We have always fought for the rights of the oppressed, and Africa and the strong people who live there are no exception. No longer will we stand by and watch these blatant abuses of power occur. We will continue to fight for their liberties until all of our brothers on the continent are freed from the shackles of corruption and greed. We will not sleep. We will stop at nothing. We are Anonymous. They should have expected us.”