"Arrest warrant will be issued to at least one Gupta" - City Press sources

Ajay and Tomy Gupta

#GuptaLeaks: Three shocking claims of sexual harassment reveal the brothers’ predatory behaviour

The women suspect drink-spiking and bribery has managed to hide the Gupta’s dirtiest secret

"Arrest warrant will be issued to at least one Gupta" - City Press sources

Ajay and Tomy Gupta

Speaking to the investigative team behind the #GuptaLeaks emails – Scorpio and Amabhungane – three former employees of the family have broken their silence about the dreadful working conditions they faced.

All three were allegedly confronted by disgusting behaviour and intimidation by the brothers. Understandably, the trio has chosen to keep their anonymity whilst disclosing their stories.

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The first testimony comes from ‘Christine’, who could only stomach 24 hours as a Gupta employee. Hired as a personal assistant, she spent her only evening with Tony Gupta, who didn’t even talk to her on the overnight trip from Jozi to Cape Town.

When they arrived at a house in CPT, Tony allegedly continuously demanded that she have a drink of Coke, to the point of him trying to force it on her. When she accepted the drink, she said it felt like she had drunk alcohol.

The billionaire then reportedly told Christine ‘all my PA’s sleep in the same bed as me’, before making her evening desperately uncomfortable:

“He told me that all his PAs are expected to give him massages and sleep in the same bed as him. I told him I was not comfortable with that and would prefer my own bed and bathroom. He then asked me to give him a massage. I declined. He then locked me in the bathroom as he held a meeting elsewhere in the house”.

When she tried to leave, Tony grabbed her and refused to let her go. Only the interruption of a business associate enabled Christine to get away. Her husband went back to confront the Guptas, but he was paid off to keep quiet.

A second source revealed that this was how the family managed to bury previous harassment allegations. On countless occasions, they have allegedly been able to bribe their victims into keeping quiet.

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The third former employee is ‘Janet’. She had a harrowing time with all three of the lecherous brothers, but it is Ajay’s alleged assault that is the most sickening – he reportedly forcefully kissed Janet and stuck his hand down her pants. She went on to say:

“I kept this information to myself in fear of losing my job, which I really needed back then. But now that I think of it I was given ‘gifts’ to keep me quiet. After every incident, I would get a small ‘payback’ for all my hard work.”

“Ajay Gupta forced himself on me and kissed me multiple times. I eventually just let it happen to make sure I didn’t lose my job. He would put my hand down his pants.”

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