Mamboyi confesses to raping a goat to death. Photo: (Insert: Facebook).

GRAPHIC: Mamboyi confronted for raping a goat to death (VIDEO)

A Shepard by the name of Mamboyi was blasted by the community for admitting to be the rapist preying on goats in the village


Mamboyi confesses to raping a goat to death. Photo: (Insert: Facebook).

The mysterious death of goats in a village believed to be in the Eastern Cape was finally resolved after a man called Mamboyi admitted to having ‘nonconsensual’ intercourse with the animals.

The latest death of a goat in the community trapped Mamboyi, who is said to be a Sheppard, after he was last seen with the animal.

A score of community members, particularly angry women confronted the accused for raping the goat.
With the use of a strong tone from the women, Mamboyi eventually confessed to his multiple affairs with goats which sadly died after the intercourse.

In the video, an angry woman is heard confronting the Sheppard asking him difficult questions such as where has he seen people sleeping with animals.

A stuttering Mamboyi, sitting opposite the confrontational woman, tells all about his vile action and how long his been helping himself with the animals for.

“It’s not easy to answer what you are asking,” he says initially. But the angry woman blasts Mamboyi until he confesses.

“Yes, I’ve been doing it for a while now. I don’t know what got to me,” the soft-spoken animal abuser replied to the questions hurled at him.


Mamboyi is confronted by the angry community members in isiXhosa.


It is quite common knowledge that when you rape a human being and are convicted of the crime, the perpetrator is likely to spend a number of years behind bars. But does the law apply the same to animal rapists?

Well, animal cruelty is a chargeable offence, according to the law.

In May 2022, a man from Soweto was sentenced to eight years direct imprisonment after raping a dog.
The dog was found to have suffered extensive trauma, with injuries to her anus, tail and neck.

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The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) hailed the sentencing of the Soweto man to direct imprisonment for bestiality as a victory in its fight against this crime in South Africa.