Respect speech Grade 7 Learner Gauteng

(Facebook / Mogamat Salih Davies)

Grade 7 Learner electrifies classmates with “respect your teachers” speech [video]

“Respect your teachers, they are here to build your futures” – Thanks to Debi Dulamo, we’ve all got something in our eyes…

Respect speech Grade 7 Learner Gauteng

(Facebook / Mogamat Salih Davies)

We see a lot of drama and animosity whenever a video filmed within a school goes viral. We are extremely happy to report that we can bring you something much, much more positive and filled with “respect”. You’ll want to keep an eye on this kid, because she is future leadership material.

Remember the name Debbie Dulamo: The Grade 7 learner addressed her classmates on the grounds of Khindlimukani Junior Secondary School, in Gauteng. She introduces herself to her peers, before delivering a speech that’s given us whiplash from nodding in agreement so frequently.

“Respect is the key to unlock the door”

It takes an insane amount of courage to stand in front of kids your own age, and demand that they learn the basic principles of respect and understanding. But Dulamo isn’t fazed by the situation, and goes on to confidently share her points with the group:

“Respect brings dignity and honour into your life, and it brings those qualities into your family’s name. As a learner, you must teach yourself to respect your teachers. They are the ones who are helping you build your futures, but you can destroy that by disrespecting them.”

“They are here to feed you with the knowledge that you want, but you’re not listening to them. Let me tell you something, there are also friends who make you disrespect your teachers and parents. Not everyone should be your friend, and some people are making you beta – not better. Delete them from your life, they’re not helping you with anything!”


Debi Dulamo

Social media reacts to learner’s epic speech

Listening to the whole speech has given us goosebumps. And, by the way, can we get “some people make you beta, not better” on a plaque or something? It’s absolutely genius, and it shows what an articulate youngster we’ve got on our hands here. Needless to say, Debi has won plenty of acclaim on social media, too…

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A brief clip was shared on the Twitter account of Yusuf Abramjee, an expert on crime and political commentary. However, the full version of the speech has since been uploaded to Facebook, and it’s four minutes of stunning motivational mantras that we could all learn from.

For Debi Dulamo, the status of a viral superstar awaits, and it’s impossible to think this is the last we’ve heard from her. With a message this brilliant, it’ll only be a matter of time before she’s a household name in Mzansi.

Watch learner Debi Dulamo talk to her class about respect: