South Africans abroad to vote

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South Africans abroad to vote on 30 April – fill in your VEC10 form now!

As the election date is made official, we demystify the next step of the process for you.

South Africans abroad to vote

Follow The South African’s 2014 elections coverage

PRESIDENT Jacob Zuma has signed a proclamation setting Wednesday 7 May 2014 as the date for the national elections in South Africa. The proclamation is intended to be published in the Government Gazette today, making it the official, binding and final election date. South Africans abroad will go to the polls a week earlier, on Wednesday 30 April.

If you are voting abroad, please be advised that you have 15 days from today’s announcement’s date (25 February 2014) to notify the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of your intention to vote abroad, and select the foreign mission at which you intend to vote. This can only be done online, effectively until 12 March 2014. You can find the link at the bottom of this email.

Alternatively, please follow these instruction to find the applicable online form: Go the IEC website ( to notify the IEC of your exact voting intentions. You will find the applicable link under the menu item entitled “For voters”, which you can find on the top menu. Click on the drop-down menu point entitled “Voting outside South Africa (VEC10)” on the website and look for the section entitled “Notify us of your intention to vote abroad (VEC10).” You can then proceed to complete and submit the VEC10 online. Please note that this link will only be available from the proclamation date (25 February 2014) for a period of 15 days until 12 March 2014, so time is of essence if you want to ensure your vote will be counted.

Once the IEC have confirmed you are eligible to vote, it will send you an email or text message to let you know if and when you can vote at the foreign mission you selected. You can submit a VEC10 form online even if your registration application has not been fully processed yet, and you are still waiting to hear word from the IEC. However, you must be a registered voter by the time the voters’ roll is certified (which is usually within a few days after the President officially proclaims the election date) in order for your notification to be successfully processed.

The VEC10 can only be completed and submitted online using the VEC10 system on the IEC website. You may want to ask a friend or family member for assistance if you struggle with getting to grips with the online platform, as it is the only way of ensuring that you can partake in the elections.

Please be advised that if you already are a registered voter in South Africa, but are not intending to be in the country for the upcoming polls, you will still be required to fill out the VEC10 form online to be able to vote at your respective foreign mission.

Once you have submitted your VEC10 online and have received an email or text message from the IEC indicating that you do indeed qualify to vote abroad, you will be able to vote at the foreign mission you selected on the day that the election is held.

Do not forget to take your green, bar-coded South African ID book, smartcard ID, or valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) with you on top of your valid South African passport or temporary passport when you finally go to vote at the foreign mission indicated on the confirmation sent to you.

Despite the complicated system, more than 4,000 votes are expected to be cast abroad amid predictions for and all-time record-breaking voter turnout, with the High Commission in London being the foreign mission with the highest number of registrations worldwide.

Please can follow this link to get to the “Voting outside South Africa (VEC10)” form, or copy and paste the following web address into your browser to find the VEC10 form.