Tshiamo Teddy Gomora

Tshiamo and Teddy are taking their friendship to the next level. Images via Instagram: @lee_mokoka and @seekay_sa

‘Gomora’ review: Teddy and Tshiamo – cringe or cute? [watch]

It seems things are heating up between Tshiamo and Teddy and some viewers are not feeling the direction this storyline is taking.

Tshiamo Teddy Gomora

Tshiamo and Teddy are taking their friendship to the next level. Images via Instagram: @lee_mokoka and @seekay_sa

Tshiamo has been crushing on Teddy and Teddy quickly shut down whatever thoughts she had of them ever being together.

Teddy has never been the relationship type. He has always been portrayed as the loving brother that will go over and above to make sure the women in his life (Zodwa and Sbongile) are good. He is over protective.

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A blushing Tshiamo first asked Teddy if they were on a date after they went to eat and Teddy was cringed at the thought of being with someone he regards a sister.

Well, with the amount of time they keep spending together, the pair is starting to develop feelings for each other. Teddy is slow to catch on but he is getting there.

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While this is something that viewers have been calling for, some are calling this relationship inapropriate because Teddy is older than Tshiamo.

“Sigh. Another Gomora school girl about to sleep with an older man. Teddy and Tshiamo are getting too close for my liking. Is this like the norm in Alex Township or what?,” said one tweep.

The same tweep said in a tweet, “No guys, I refuse. Whatever this is….It can’t happen. Tshiamo is 16 and Teddy is what, damn near 20. How is he better than Mr Leballo?”

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Tshiamo’s mother is actually the one that made the pair aware that they are falling for each other. Although Tshiamo was aware of her feelings, Teddy did not see it coming.

Their relationship will surprise a lot of people because not only is Tshiamo a child in everyone’s eyes, she is also Sibongile’s best friend.  

The TVSA October teasers show that the two will play a cat and mouse game towards the end of October as they don’t want to admit what is happening between them.

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