Giraffe dies after hitting N1

Giraffe dies after hitting N1 bridge in Johannesburg

Images of a giraffe moments before its imminent death on the N1 motorway in Johannesburg went viral around the world overnight, as the issue of animal safety in South Africa remains controversial

Giraffe dies after hitting N1

In a horrific sequence of events reminiscent of the opening sequence of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Hangover III”, a young giraffe was killed in South Africa after hitting a bridge during an animal transport in an open towage truck.

The incident occurred on the N1 motorway between Johannesburg and Pretoria, when the animal reportedly knocked its head on a low-lying bridge and later died of its injuries. Another giraffe travelling alongside the unfortunate animal managed to avoid impact with the bridge. The lorry reportedly broke down following the accident, taking several hours to move from the blood-soaked scene again.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a “loud crack” when the horrific incident occurred, adding that both animals had evidently been blindfolded to keep them calm during the transport, which left them unable to see the object in advance. Some of the eyewitnesses compared the sound of the impact to that of a gun-shot.

“The truck was just before the Van Buuren off-ramp on the N1 to Pretoria. The giraffes were blindfolded so they couldn’t even see any bridges,” said eyewitness Dion Abrahamson.

Thinus Botha, another motorist at the scene, took the alarming photo just moments before the giraffe was to hit its head on the concrete bridge. The image has trended all over the world on social media platforms like Twitter in the meantime.

“I pulled over just before the bridge, and a few seconds after I took the photo the first giraffe hit its head on the bridge. There was a loud bang and I saw blood coming from the nose of the giraffe.”

A veterinarian has determined in the meantime that the giraffe had died due to the injuries to its head and has further established that the other giraffe remained uninjured. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), has been notified of the incident and will be performing an autopsy on the animal to determine the exact cause of death as part of an investigation.

The two giraffes were reportedly on their way to a farm in Warmbaths outside Pretoria.

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