Gill Packham

Gill Packham case: Husband accused of murder forced to give up his Audi

It’s believed the vehicle could shed light on what really happened.

Gill Packham

Rob Packham, the man accused of murdering his wife Gill Packham, has appeared at Wynberg Magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

Authorities have insisted they must impound his top-of-the-range Audi Q5, so they can take the tyre imprints from his vehicle. As News 24 report, Rob complied with the court’s request and is now waiting for the police to set a date of seizure.

What happened to Gill Packham?

Police found a charred body in the boot of a burning BMW at Diep River railway station, two days after Gill was reported missing in February. Following DNA verification tests, the remains were identified as Mrs Packham’s.

It brought a devastating end to a Facebook campaign dedicated to finding her. Social media rallied behind the Packham family, who lived in Constantia. But helpers were to be left distraught when it was confirmed Gill had been murdered.

Her husband immediately came to the police’s attention. Upon his arrest, he spent a few nights in Pollsmore prison before posting the R50 000 required for bail. Packham still remains under house arrest.

Why is Rob Packham suspected of killing his wife?

Prosecutor Brynmor Benjamin previously told the court that Packham had called a colleague in an attempt to arrange an alibi. According to the state, Packham told the person to claim that they had been in a meeting that morning.

Cellphone records showed that he had been in Diep River or Constantia at the time, nowhere near his work. Packham is a general manager at cooldrink company Twizza. Benjamin also explained that Packham was the last person to see Gill.

The case has been pushed back to 10 July, as Magistrate Goolam Bawa allows further investigation to take place. The post-mortem report will form a key part of the prosecution’s case.