Gayton Mckenzie immigration

Photo: Gayton McKenzie / Twitter

‘I will jail all illegal immigrants on my first day as president’ – Gayton McKenzie

Just like that, eh? On Monday, Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie said that he could solve South Africa’s immigration woes ‘within hours’.

Gayton Mckenzie immigration

Photo: Gayton McKenzie / Twitter

There’s a new political force in South Africa, and they are starting to make a real name for themselves. The Patriotic Alliance (PA) had a storming set of by-election results in crucial areas – and even took control of Eldorado Park, ousting the DA in the process. Now, President Gayton McKenzie is on the campaign to set out his agenda.

Who is Gayton McKenzie – Mzansi’s new political upstart flexes his muscles

A larger than life character, McKenzie is a reformed bank robber who rose up the ranks of business, building his own empire and becoming a multi-millionaire in the process. He started his venture into politics ahead of the 2016 Local Elections, and sure enough, the minnow outfit was able to earn council seats in several major metro regions.

The PA is an ‘economically centrist’ party. They oppose ‘rampant capitalism’, and seek ‘economic emancipation’. The party wants to promote state welfare opportunities to tackle hunger and poverty. Their focus on ’empowerment policies’ is broad – and aims to support and uplift the poor. Patriotic Alliance was also co-founded by SA playboy, Kenny Kunene.

‘Give me five hours’ – Patriotic Alliance vow crackdown on illegal immigrants

With the Municipal Vote coming round again in 2021, Gayton McKenzie wants more. MUCH more. He has designs on becoming the president of South Africa, and hasn’t been afraid to set out his policies – in bombastic fashion. Though McKenzie claims the centre-ground on economic policy, it would seem his immigration stance veers to the right:

“Everyone in this country has lost their mind. A state has to prioritise its citizens. Restaurants and shops are largely full of illegal immigrants – and our people must compete against Kenyans, Serbians, Bosnians, all of that, for jobs and services.”

“If the Patriotic Alliance takes over, let me tell you, we start at 9:00 in the morning – by half-past three, all illegal foreigners will be in jail or outside of the country. We are not here to play. I’d previously overstayed my [visa] in Zambia, and was ejected in four days. You can’t just walk into places like the US, either. They hold their government to account.”