water tap faucet water crisis shortage restrictions

Image credit: Pixabay/Bryan Carlson

Gauteng water shortage update: Level one water restrictions in place, meters limited

The Gauteng water shortage is going from bad to worse.

water tap faucet water crisis shortage restrictions

Image credit: Pixabay/Bryan Carlson

Earlier this week, Rand Water informed residents on the West Rand that some reservoir levels were low, while others were empty and that water restrictions will be set in place. Residents were urged to use water sparingly, especially after several sewage plants collapsed earlier this month.

At the time, Rand Water was forced to draw more water than the sanitation license permits, putting a strain on the available water levels.

Downtime at Palmiet Pumping Station, Alberton

To make matters worse, electrical problems caused by a fire at the Palmiet Pumping Station meant that Rand Water could not supply water at the regular level. Rand Water spokesperson Justice Mohale told Ernest Mabuza from Sowetan Live that a circuit breaker at Palmiet exploded. He explained:

“On Friday‚ a circuit breaker at the Palmiet pumping station in Alberton exploded and caught fire. As a result‚ the entire engine which pumps water was on fire. This affected two pipelines which supply water to our network. This was compounded by the fact that it has been very hot and water consumption was high.”

Officials are doing everything in their power to prevent the reservoirs from running completely dry, as it would to take days for the water supply to be restored if that happened.

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Johannesburg water meters restricted

Rand Water informed residents that they are “unable to provide full water supply in some areas mainly due to electrical problems at the Palmiet pump station.” The situation at Palmiet is currently under control but it had already placed unnecessary stress on the system, and it will take “some to recover fully.”

“We should start noticing improvement in water supply in some areas over the weekend. We appeal to all to use water sparingly and to remind them that level one water restrictions are still in place.”

While Steyn City and Diepsloot still have water, the Diepsloot reservoir was closed on Wednesday evening due to it running low, which in turn affected the water supply to Riverside View.

Level one water restrictions mean that residents are not allowed to water gardens between 6:00 and 18:00.