Vaal dam water

Flowing dam water levels. Image:

Vaal Dam: Good news as water levels enjoy a magnificent surge

The Vaal Dam was in desperate need of a win, and it’s had one this week. An impressive set of data shows that the beleaguered facility can stage a recovery.

Vaal dam water

Flowing dam water levels. Image:

Gauteng’s biggest water source has been enduring a torrid time of things lately. Situated in the south of the province, the Vaal Dam has taken a worrying tumble in 2019. Light water restrictions remain in place for the region, and the facility even dipped below 40% full in December. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Gauteng: Latest water levels for the Vaal Dam on Monday 16 December

Figures released on Monday morning show that the inflow of water to the Vaal Dam has towered above its output. For the first time in months, the reserve has enjoyed positive weekly growth. It’s now 44.08% full, and the figures are a little easier on the eye than they have been in December.

Since last Tuesday, the water levels have been on a slow and steady rise. A 5% increase over the past seven days is truly a magnificent achievement. The biggest rise in a single day came over the weekend, as the volume of water shot up by 1.25% in a 24-hour period. Here is the Vaal Dam’s weekly performance:

  • Tuesday 10 December: 39.05%
  • Wednesday 11 December: 39.37%
  • Thursday 12 December: 40%
  • Friday 13 December: 41.03%
  • Saturday 14 December: 41.77%
  • Sunday 15 December: 43.02%
  • Monday 16 December: 44.08%

What has made the difference?

It is believed that the heavy storms which hit the north of Gauteng last week are finally having an impact down south, as the deluge passes through the river networks. We saw earlier last week how Hartbeespoort Dam was overflowing, as it is situated just outside of Centurion. Although the Vaal Dam has a long way to go to match this performance, every drop counts – and locals will welcome all the good news that comes their way.

Cape Town dam levels for Monday 16 December

The Cape Town dam levels have had a rough introduction to the official months of summer. After losing a significant amount of water last week, the combined total for the facilities servicing the Mother City dropped under the significant landmark of 80% full on Thyrsday.

When this target was breached earlier in the year, it heralded a remarkable turnaround for the drought-threatened city. Things still look relatively good, and at 79.4% full this week, there’s a lot to be cheerful about. The weekly decline of 0.7% is also below the average expected losses at this time of year.

But nonetheless, Capetonians are still being advised to use water wisely, and in a sparing manner. Five of the six major dams saw a decrease this week, and we’re expecting another update from the south-west on Tuesday.

Major dams13/12/2019 – (latest readings)Previous week% full in December 2018
Berg River95.3%
Steenbras Lower
Steenbras Upper98.0%
Total Stored Ml713 130
719 052
624 947
% Storage79.4%