K-Word Gauteng

Photo: Twitter

Gauteng: Police catch, charge racist ranter after her ‘K-word’ tirade

It’s not just actions that have consequences: Grossly offensive words can put you in court. This K-word user in Gauteng will face the full might of the law.

K-Word Gauteng

Photo: Twitter

Justice has seemingly been done in Florida, Gauteng this week. Siphosethu Ngomane uploaded a clip to social media which spread like wildfire on Wednesday, when a middle-aged woman launched the ‘K-word’ at her during an expletive-laden rant at the scene of a traffic accident. Two charges have now been filed against the perpetrator.

Ngomane, a resident of Gauteng, was rear-ended by a driver who pinned the blame all on her. However, during her verbal tirade, the ranter in question used the K-word to attack her fellow citizen. The clip shows the aftermath of the accident, with superficial damage to both cars.

Gauteng racist facing two criminal charges for K-word usage

As the drivers survey the damage, the racist ranter lets rip, screaming a stream of obscenities about the incident – and then, the K-bomb arrived. Ngomane registered a case with SAPS and sent her footage to the SA Human Rights Commission. The woman in question is charged with both Crimen Injuria and Malicious Damage, as confirmed by Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Mazibuko.

“Florida Police reported that she was arrested today and charged with Crimen Injuria and Malicious Damage to Property. All the appreciation should go to the Officers at Florida Police Station. They may not have responded when expected, but they were working on the case.”

Faith Mazibuko on the K-word case

Victim hails public for ‘overwhelming’ support

It’s now expected that the driver who lost her temper – and rather let the mask slip with her K-word usage – will appear in court on Friday. Details about her identity will remain under wraps until then. Meanwhile, Ngomane has thanked her fellow South Africans on social media for supporting her during a difficult moment: