load shedding food security

Load shedding is reportedly impacting food security in Gauteng. Image: Adobe stock

Gauteng facing MASSIVE food security crisis due to load shedding

The DA wants farmers to be allocated an emergency fund to assist with the load shedding crisis as Gauteng is facing a food security crisis.

load shedding food security

Load shedding is reportedly impacting food security in Gauteng. Image: Adobe stock

A massive food security crisis has hit Gauteng and the country at large due to the continuous load shedding, according to the Democratic Alliance (DA). 

Many businesses have been forced to close their doors, while others have reported operating on losses due to extended blackouts.


The DA said the current government needs to understand that Eskom’s crisis is more than not just having the lights on; it is about putting food into the mouths of the citizens of Gauteng.

The party also said South Africa’s nonchalant government has been living in a world detached from that of the average South African and that the national government does not appear to have an idea of the realities facing the man on the street.

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DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Agriculture Brownwyn Engelbrecht said to feed a population of about 60 million people, a constant agricultural supply is needed, but farmers’ production flow has unfortunately been crippled by the rolling blackouts.

Engelbrecht said it is essential to have fresh foods for sale, but without electricity, the shelf life of fresh produce has been shortened, reducing supply with increased prices.

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“Poultry farmers are being destroyed as their chicks are being decimated, dying by the thousands. Without electricity, the conveyor belts cannot operate, providing essential feed and water, and without additional heat, the newly hatched chicks die. Moreover, the slaughter of chickens has been radically reduced due to the lack of cold room facilities for storage, packaging, and delivery of chicken meat.” 

“Food stored for large consumers, such as the iconic KFC, is facing crises as many stores have reportedly been forced to close due to a ‘chicken in bone’ shortage.” 

Brownwyn Engelbrecht

The DA said it is concerned that the results of this will be catastrophic as this will exacerbate our already high unemployment rate. With increasing numbers of unemployed people in the country, South Africa faces an imminent threat of civil unrest and violence.

“We insist that the government and Eskom provide an adaptable load shedding schedule for farmers so that they can get sufficient time to produce food for the market,” the party said. 

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The DA said it would write to the Gauteng MEC for Environment, Agriculture, and Rural Development to request that farmers be allocated an emergency fund to assist with this power crisis.

“This is the time to start making serious decisions on how to save our agricultural sector before the chickens fly the coop,” the party said.  

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