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An individual holding a cup of coffee on a cold day. Image: Pexel.

Gauteng experiencing its coldest night in 2022 with sub-zero temperatures

Gauteng is set to experience its coldest night so far in 2022. Temperatures could reach as low as -3 degrees Celsius.

snow kzn weather

An individual holding a cup of coffee on a cold day. Image: Pexel.

It’s time to get those heaters and blankets out as tonight will be the coldest night in Gauteng so far in 2022.

According to regional forecaster, Gauteng Weather, it will be so cold such that Central Johannesburg will experience its first sub-freezing temperatures (-1 degrees Celsius) while the mercury in Vereeniging is set to record -3 degrees Celsius and Pretoria sits at 1 degree Celsius.


As previously reported, forecasts from Gauteng Weather and Ventusky both plot a dramatic decline for thermometers across the province, with the chilly conditions coming into force overnight on Wednesday 15 June.

A snapshot of the Gauteng weather forecast for Thursday 16 June, going into Friday 17 June shows just how chilly things will get – Photo: Ventusky

In the early hours of Thursday 16 June, the biting cold will embed itself in Gauteng, with rural regions worst-affected. 

The hours before dawn on Friday 17 June could be the coldest of the lot, however, with several regions on course for a reading of -5°C.

According to the most recent weather map, even the major metros of Johannesburg and Pretoria will experience freezing temperatures. However, it’s the extremes in the south and north-east of the province that are in for the roughest ride.

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