Kidnapped Mayfair

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Gauteng Education: Grade 12 pupil SURVIVES kidnapping attempt

The Sandringham High School learner in Johannesburg put up the fight of her life as her would-be kidnappers tried to force her into their car

Kidnapped Mayfair

Photo: Stock/Canva

A Grade 12 female pupil has been left traumatised after being nearly kidnapped by unknown men on her way to school on Friday morning, 19 November 2021. This latest incident comes amid growing concern over the rise in kidnappings across the country.

Grade 12 pupil given trauma counselling after kidnapping attempt

The Gauteng Education Department says it has received information of a matric learner from Sandringham High School in Johannesburg, who managed to escape the clutches of her would-be kidnappers, putting up the fight of her life as the men tried to force her into their car.

“The incident is alleged to have taken place on Friday morning, near Lyndhurst Primary School when she was walking to school. According to information at our disposal, a white Chevrolet sedan with four male occupants reportedly drove towards her and one-armed male allegedly grabbed her into the vehicle. However, she reportedly fought the armed man off and screamed, which alerted bystanders and scared the suspects into fleeing the scene,” said Gauteng Education Department spokesperson Steve Mabona.

The department says a school staff member, who happened to pass the location where the abduction took place, safely accompanied her to the school. The matter was reported to the Sandringham Police Station and she received trauma counselling from our Psycho-Social Unit.

“We are devastated to learn of another learner kidnapping ordeal in the province this week, but we are glad that this particular attempt failed. Indeed, we must applaud the concerned citizens who managed to intervene and assist our learner,”

Gauteng Education MEC Mr Panyaza Lesufi

The incident comes just a day after it was learnt that two Grade 10 girls from Hoërskool Straatpresident C R Swart in Waverley, Pretoria, were kidnapped on their way to a clinic in Mamelodi. They were accosted by two men driving a Mini Cooper, who then forced them into the vehicle and forced them to take drugs.

According to the department, once the girls were in a disoriented state, the men drove with them to their homes and demanded that they steal laptops and cellphones for them.

“After fulfilling this demand, the men drove the girls to a mall, and they managed to escape. Due to the deranged state they were in, and not knowing where they were, the girls ended up sleeping in a secluded area in the outskirts of the township,” the department said.