decuplets tembisa 10 nigerian doctor

Photo: Twitter/Lucky Star

It’s official: Gauteng Govt confirms decuplets HAVE been born!

It’s the news we all wanted to hear: The once-mythical decuplets of Gauteng have now had their existence confirmed by the provincial government.

decuplets tembisa 10 nigerian doctor

Photo: Twitter/Lucky Star

Allow us to join the mom here, as we’re also positively exhausted with the ups and downs of the last 24 hours! The scramble to verify claims that a Tembisa mother had given birth to TEN babies (decuplets) this week has taken the country on a rollercoaster ride – but it now seems like we’ve got a definitive, and ultimately positive answer.

Confirmed: Tembisa mom delivers ten babies

The Gauteng Social Development Department became the first government entity to confirm the news – shared with Jacaranda FM – after a whirlwind of speculation cast doubt over the world-record-setting birth. The 37-year-old mom was initially due to have octuplets, but it seems an additional two miracles have also said hello to the world.

A very brief statement was released by the provincial SDD, confirming that the mother is ‘being kept in a place of safety’. There has never been any record of a human given birth to decuplets before, and this Gauteng local has gone one better than the Malian mother who delivered NINE babies just last month. Perhaps there’s something in the water?

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Gauteng Department of Social Development announces arrival of decuplets

“The Department of Social Development has been delighted to learn about the mother who gave birth to 10 babies, especially because this happens right after we concluded our annual child protection week, in which we emphasized that children are the future and they must be protected.” the mother has been a client of ours since 2019.”

“Due to an agreement with the family, the mother and her babies are in a place of safety to give her time to bond. The department is currently assessing her needs and when she and her family are ready the MEC Morakane Mosupyoe will meet the family to congratulate the mother and assist her. The department will see the mom tomorrow.”

Spokesperson Feziwe Ndwayana