Trucks petrol-bombed western cape

Image: @Bosbeer on Twitter

Four trucks petrol-bombed overnight in the Western Cape

The attacks on truck drivers in South Africa appear to be getting worse as four vehicles were petrol-bombed in the Western Cape overnight.

Trucks petrol-bombed western cape

Image: @Bosbeer on Twitter

Police in the Western Cape are investigating possible links between four separate incidences of commercial trucks being petrol-bombed in the province in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Three of the incidents happened on various parts of the N7, leading police to suspect there could be a link between them, while the fourth occurred just off the N2 highway near Strand.

Four trucks petrol-bombed in the Western Cape

According to Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa, the first incident involved a cement truck being forced off the road by two other vehicles before being set alight and destroyed.

This was shortly followed by the petrol bombing of a parked truck near the Portvilled off-ramp. The driver had apparently pulled off the road to get some rest. The driver suffered severe burns and was taken to hospital.

The third incident involved a truck, transporting chickens, that was torched near the Piekenierskloof pass. According to EWN, the driver of the vehicle was covered in petrol but managed to escape unharmed.

And the fourth attack happened in Strand where a truck was pelted with stones before being burned.

Thankfully, the drivers escape unharmed in all but one of the abovementioned incidents.

Government intervention appears imminent

The attacks come less than a week after the South African government condemned the growing number of attacks on trucks and truck drivers in the country.

It is believed that local drivers are angry because of the perception that foreign nationals have been favoured for driving roles in the transport industry.

Transport minister Fikile Mbalula is expected to make an announcement regarding the attacks in the Western Cape and this article will be updated with his comments when he does.

The Democratic Alliance’s Albert Fritz strongly condemned the attacks and called on government to get involved.

“I call on Minister Cele to mobilise intelligence services, HAWKS and the SAPS, whilst working with law enforcement and Metro Police in an intergovernmental manner to facilitate intelligence gathering and sharing on these attacks. This is necessary to ensure more arrests, convictions and the prevention of further related crime,” he said.

Albert Fritz