Fully developed foetus

Credit: Pixabay

Four people arrested after carrying out “forced abortion” on pregnant kidnapping victim

Sadly, this really did happen…

Fully developed foetus

Credit: Pixabay

While hijackings in South Africa are always a traumatic experience and often turn into a temporary kidnapping incident, one mother-to-be has been left especially traumatised after her kidnapping ordeal.

Forced abortion: A particularly sick kidnapping

Mpumalanga police confirmed the incident and revealed that they are still attempting to find the reasoning behind four people kidnapping the woman and “ripping the child out of her”, leaving it dead.

The Police issued the statement on Monday shortly after the group appeared at the Secunda Magistrate’s Court. Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe, told the media that Seyikabi Wilson‚ 46‚ Jingo Wassua‚ 35‚ Njombozi Katiti‚ 43 and a woman‚ Lydia Mojemba‚ 34‚ were taken into custody.

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The female accused is reportedly related to the 20-year-old victim.

The accused face charges of attempted murder, murder and kidnapping.

“According to information at police disposal‚ the victim was kidnapped by the three men and the woman. She was taken to Ogies where they reportedly locked her in a room and [they] administered the procedure. Thereafter they wrapped the stillborn baby [in] a plastic bag and threw it at a railway line‚” said Bhembe is quoted as saying by TimesLIVE.

The victim then managed to unlock the door and escape the premises while her kidnappers were out. The 20-year-old was able to find a lift to Secunda and head to the police station where she reported the matter to authorities.

Police say that the suspects will return to court next week where they will apply for bail.