Former SA Idols contestant Rox

Former SA Idols contestant Roxy Glenny on music, the late Amy Winehouse, Idols and more

There is more to sassy Roxy Glenny than Idols.

Former SA Idols contestant Rox

19 year-old singer, Roxy Glenny has high hopes, despite  being voted off South African Idols, season 10.

The Indie-Jazz singer has her eye set on releasing an album soon.

“That would be rad! I’d love to start a indie / jazz band – feel good music, hopefully in the next year.”

Roxy Winehouse?
Often compared to the late Amy Winehouse, Roxy finds it rather frustrating.

“It’s definitely a great compliment.  I mean; who wouldn’t be stoked on that? But unfortunately I am Roxy, not Amy she says.

“Amy  brought back soul and passion and honesty into her music. ”

” Her voice is captivating and so different! It’s a voice that you could listen to over and over and never get tired of it.” she says.

Singing has always  been part of Roxy, as  it’s something she has always loved.

“Since I can remember I’ve been singing. “she says.

It’s also where she  feels most comfortable and is completely able to be herself. That probably explains why she is able to rock her 50s inspired rockabilly swag, along with her voice of an angel on stage, with confidence.

Roxy is currently a second year music student at COPA in Cape Town.

Sporting 13 tattoos, is not enough for her.In fact she wouldn’t mind having more.

“No, they weren’t at all inspired by Amy Winehouse” she says.

“The music that I’m into and my friends have  all inspired me to get rad tattoos!” she adds.

As she opens up about her Idols journey she defines it as “tough, but amazing.”

“I had the absolute greatest time and I’m so thankful for the experience!” she says.

Roxy admits to tearing up this morning, after watching one of her live performances.

“They tears of joy, I miss it ” she says.

Singing on national television meant having to deal with lots of criticism from the public. However, Roxy is adamant it made her work harder.

“Looking at social media, a lot of the public always seemed to find some fault with me. I was even surprised when I had made top 11 as all I seemed to get from people where nasty comments.” she says.

Tragedy struck during her Idols journey, after her best friend passed away. Roxy admits it was hard not to break down as Idols requires contestants to be focused, 24/7.

 “A few weeks before my friend died she called and told me how excited she was for me and how she wanted me to do my best. That’s what I did” she says.

Q&A with Roxy

How would you define your sound as a singer?
I’d say my tone is very different and unique. I haven’t really heard a voice like mine before. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad!

Who did you share the closest bond with in the Idols house?
Sho! London and I were best mates prior to Idols.  We work together and spend a lot of time together. So hanging out at the Idols house was a big party.

Must -have items in your wardrobe this spring?
Lots of pretty florals!  50’s style ;).

Which previous or current Idols contestants do you look up to?
I look up to Martelize Voigt (Season 3, Top 7) she is my singing coach and she is just the coolest, most spirited person you’ll ever meet! and her voice is amazing!

Three things you may  not know about you?

I’m vegetarian and have been my entire life. 6th generation in my family!

I love pizza! Whoooo do I love pizza!

I’m obsessed with horses and playing horse computer games. Seriously. The struggle is real!

What is your hidden talent?

I’m super flexible! So I can do really gross things with my arms and legs.

 Ultimate guilty pleasure?

Robbie Williams. Heart throb of note. I  adore him!! I’m probably his biggest fan haha!

How would you define your style?

1950’s / Rockabilly / Pin up.

Please tell me more about your background growing up ?

I Grew up in a very musical home. There was rock” n roll and jazz playing all the time! It is a huge part of who I am today.

What are your future Plans?
In 5 years time I’d like to see myself as a radio presenter! It has been one of my dreams from a young age!

Message to your fans?

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and took the time and believed in me. I never went to idols with the intention of winning, I went there to sing and that’s exactly I did! So thank you for letting me live my dream.