fuel petrol price hike february

How will the war affect the petrol price in SA? Photo: Supplied

Petrol price to increase AGAIN in September – but it’s not all bad news…

Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news about the forecast petrol price for September? Well, we’ve got both here.

fuel petrol price hike february

How will the war affect the petrol price in SA? Photo: Supplied

Although no petrol price increase is ever a welcome one, the picture for September does look a little less stressful than what we’ve witnessed over the past few months. Meanwhile, there’s good news for diesel and paraffin users.

Yes, it’s another petrol price increase…

Following a series of devastating increases – creating a record petrol price in the process – the situation seems to have stabilised this month. According to the Central Energy Fund, the 95 Grade of petrol will rise by a meagre seven cents per litre, and 93 grade is on course for an uptick of just two cents p/l.

The wholesale cost of diesel is set to go DOWN by 12 cents per litre, and illuminating paraffin will also inch towards a cheaper value, by seven cents per litre. Despite this minimal relief, there’s not a great deal to celebrate.

Any increase whatsoever will set a new record for the petrol price in Mzansi. Currently worth R18.30p/l inland, motorists have never had to manage such misery at the pumps. Diesel will also remain above R15.50p/l in some parts of SA.

What’s the reasoning?

Both the Rand and international oil markets are responsible for dictating just how much we’ll have to fork out for fuel each month. ZAR has been up and down recently, meaning that there’s no real foundation for a drop in the petrol price.

The price of crude oil has stalled, and although that’s stopped our domestic costs from ballooning with inflation, it does nothing to make fuel cheaper on these shores. With two weeks between now and September, the picture could change substantially. But according to the Central Energy Fund, the early signs are underwhelming for us all.

What will the petrol price be in September 2021?

According to the latest projections, this is what we’ll be paying for fuel (per litre) from the start of next month:


  • Petrol: R17.65
  • Diesel: R14.90


  • Petrol: R18.37
  • Diesel: R15.51