FeesMustFall protesters burn b

FeesMustFall protesters burn buildings at UJ as Zuma calls for calm on campuses

Protesters have set fire to buildings at the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting Road Campus, reportedly leaving three lecture halls in flames.

FeesMustFall protesters burn b

Just as Jacob Zuma calls for student protesters to refrain from vandalism and violence when protesting, TimesLive reports that students yet again resorted to arson in their protest for free education.

Twitter users Tweeted updates from UJ’s campus, showing what appears to be students on rampage.

Meanwhile, the president has called for students to adhere to the constitution, adding that all South Africans citizens have the right to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions, peacefully and unarmed.

“We urge the students to exercise this right in a responsible manner. They must respect law enforcement officers. They must also respect the rights of others who are not taking part in the protests. We have also directed members of the South African Police Service to act strictly within the confines of the law and the Constitution as they discharge their duties of ensuring the safety and security of all as well as protecting lives and property.”