#FeesMustFall leader Mcebo Dla

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#FeesMustFall leader Mcebo Dlamini might have his state sponsored bursary reviewed

Controversial #FeesMustFall leader, Mcebo Dlamini, might have his bursary reviewed.

#FeesMustFall leader Mcebo Dla

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Mcebo Dlamini, one of the students arrested during the FeesMustFall protests, could face having his funding cut.

Dlamini was arrested on Sunday and charged with assaulting a police officer‚ theft‚ public violence‚ damage to property and possession of dangerous weapons which include sticks and stones.

He has spent three nights in the Cleveland holding cells following his arrest and his case for bail will be heard on Wednesday.

According to a report in the star, Dlamini’s state-sponsored bursary could be reviewed, though.

“We sponsor Mcebo Dlamini to study LLM and now he is in prison,” Gauteng Education Department  MEC Panyaza Lesufi told The Star.

When he was asked about whether Dlamini’s bursary might be reviewed as a result of the serious charges he faces, Lesufi said: “The bursary has its own regulations, including attending classes, and writing and passing exams.”

Dlamini’s lawyer, however, claimed that the arrest was “politically motivated” and designed to “destabilise the #FeesMustFall movement”.

Dlamini has courted much controversy in recent years. He previously admitted to lying about being from the Sisulu family and last year, he claimed to “love Adolf Hitler”.

In an interview with Power FM on 23 June 2016‚ he also said: “They are devils. They are good for nothing. They are hypocritical‚ just like [Wits University Vice-Chancellor] Adam Habib. They are uncircumcised in heart”.