dead fish in Ethekwini beaches

Dead crayfish washed up in eThekwini beaches.

Photo: Facebook

Fishing banned in THESE eThekwini beaches after dead fish wash up

EThekwini Municipality has prohibited fishing and swimming in the Umhlanga and Umdloti beaches after dead fish and crayfish were washed up.

dead fish in Ethekwini beaches

Dead crayfish washed up in eThekwini beaches.

Photo: Facebook

EThekwini Municipality has advised the public to refrain from all recreational activities including fishing and swimming after dead fish were spotted at uMhlanga, Umdloti Lagoons and beaches in the vicinity.

Reports have surfaced that run-off water and chemicals reached the ocean through storm water drains after firefighters battled a blaze at a chemical plant at Cornubia started by looters on Tuesday.


In a statement, the Municipality said the exact cause is not yet known.

Some of the washed up fish in Umdloti beach. Photo: Facebook.

“While the exact cause of this remains unknown, it is considered serious and can affect one’s health if collected and consumed. The public is therefore advised to refrain from all recreational activities, including fishing or surfing, bait collection and picking up of dead species in this area.

“Collecting or harvesting of any marine living resource in the area is temporarily prohibited until the cause is determined and the threat has abated. Authorities are investigating the source of the pollution and clean up companies are trying to contain the spill.”

EThekwini Municipality


The eThekwini Municipality had suspended services due to protest action in various areas of the city which affected safety and availability of employees.

  • Durban Transport

The Municipal bus service will resume operations on Friday, 16 July with a limited service operating in areas which are considered low risk. The Municipality said following consultation with bus operators, it will re-introduce minimal services based on risk and security assessments to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.

  • Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries

PRC services remain closed except for cremation and burial services. There is a concerted effort from the City to assist the public with burials and cremations given the current Covid-19 crisis. A skeleton staff from the city’s Cemeteries and Crematorium Department have returned to work to attend to burial and cremation bookings. 

  • Water and Sanitation

Water and sanitation have resumed with limited services. Fixing of broken water and sanitation infrastructure has started, while it will take a little longer in areas where there was major damage. The Water and Sanitation call centre is still not operational.

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