Eskom’s entire board

EFF wants the entire Eskom board to be fired. Photo: EFF/ Eskom (Facebook).

Eskom’s entire board MUST GO – EFF

Eskom’s entire board has been ordered by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to GO following escalating loadshedding stages

Eskom’s entire board

EFF wants the entire Eskom board to be fired. Photo: EFF/ Eskom (Facebook).

Eskom’s entire board has been told by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to vacate office.


The EFF says the calls for the immediate firing of Eskom’s entire board, must includes its Chief Executive Officer, Andre de Ruyter and the Chief Operating Officer Jan Oberholzer whom they deem incompetent and useless.

“The incompetence and arrogance of Eskom executives has plunged South Africa into a perpetual and unwarranted darkness that is killing businesses and livelihoods,” said Sinawo Thambo, EFF’s National spokesperson.

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“The collapse of Eskom and the failure to prove dependable and consistent energy supply are meant to render the country’s electricity utility redundant and useless.”



“We have consistently warned against the immortal and dishonest intention of handing over South Africa’s energy generation sovereignty to the greedy establishment that will influence all spheres of life, including the future of the country’s political future.

The lie perpetuated by Eskom’s incompetent executives and so-called energy analysts is that the country does not have enough renewable energy to provide electricity when there is mechanical breakdown and maintenance and that Eskom is cash-strapped. The reality is that the crisis facing Eskom is man-made,” Thambo shared his lengthy observation of the crisis.

Thambo further reminded the citizens that the EFF, in February 2020, led a march to Eskom against blackouts and privatization and handed over a memorandum of clear, practical, and implementable demands.
Some of the demands they made were:

  • Emphatic call for an end to blackouts
  • Suspension of all processes to retrench workers
  • Review of all power purchasing agreements with independent power producers designed to benefit the racist financial sector.
  • Standardization of all coal prices and only paying the prices determined by the National Energy Regulatory Authority of South Africa.
  • Finish building Kusile and Medupi and set up a coal mine so that coal can be sent directly to the Kusile Power Station instead of by truck.

“These key demands, amongst many others, were made to Eskom. The executive was given 30 days to respond in detail to each demand. However, because there is no sense of urgency and honesty, the Eskom board and executive management have failed to respond to our demands. Also, Eskom has failed to put in place practical steps to resolve the energy crisis,” he claimed.


He went on to say the EFF also warned about the appointment of de Ruyter and Oberholzer, whom they claim their appointment was purely based on the colour of their skin.

“The Government must immediately fire de Ruyter, together with Oberholzer and the Board, before the end of the day. We call for the firing of the Board, CEO, COO, knowing very well that Cyril Ramaphosa’s cowardice will not allow him to take decisive steps. The EFF warns that failure to fire Eskom’s board, CEO, and COO will require us to take more radical steps to ensure that competent, dependable, and fit people are in charge of Eskom to resolve the energy crisis and bring an end to blackouts that have become a permanent feature of our lives,” Thambo stated.

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