Eskom tariff


Eskom tariff hike: Here’s how much it costs to use your household appliances

We’ve crunched a few numbers based on averages, and whichever way Eskom want to spin it, life is going to get tougher for consumers.

Eskom tariff


Earlier this week, Nersa granted Eskom a 4.1% increase, which will come into effect in April 2019. Even more worrying is Eskom’s request for a 15% tariff rise, which is still being considered.

As it stands, energy consumers are just six months away from another unwelcome price hike. Tariffs will join the VAT rate and petrol price as commodities that have seen sizeable increases over the last 12 months.

But what does it all mean for the average South African? We’ve crunched the numbers to see how much more money we’ll be spending each month, based on the average use of household appliances.

Here’s how we worked it out…

We took the wattage of each item and multiplied it by the number of hours they are used on average per month to get a kilowatt-hour (kWh) value.

It’s then a case of multiplying the amount of kWh consumed by the energy rate. We used the middle ground of an Inclining Block Tariff applicable to Block 1 for Homepower, which comes to 135.3 cents for every kilowatt hour.

That gives us the current value of what each appliance costs to run on a monthly basis. We then factor in the impending 4% rise, to show us what the costs will be in April 2019.

Eskom tariff rise: How much our electric may cost:

Frequent use

  • These items are used on average about 180 hours per month.

A 60-watt light bulb

2018: R12.18
April 2019: R12.28 – You must multiply this number by how many bulbs your house uses.

A 70cm Television:

2018: R20.29
April 2019: R20.80

Two-bar Heater

2018: R263.83
April 2019: R270.43

Home / Desktop computer

2018: R43.83
April 2019: R44.93


2018: R608.85
April 2019: R624

It’s imperative that you only use your geyser as and when required – we did this calculation for 24 hours over a month and it came to R2 900. Only switch it on before it’s needed, then promptly turn it off.

Always on

  • Appliances generally running for 24 hours a day:


2018: R243.54
April 2019: R249.60

Chest Freezer

2018: R38.45
April 2019: R39.39

Little and often

  • Five minutes per day / three hours per month:


2018: R4.46
April 2019: R4.57


2018: R.5.27
April 2019: R5.40


2018: R9.74
April 2019: R10

  • 36 Hours per month:

Oven / Stove

2018: R146.17
April 2019: R149.83

  • 10 Hours per month


2018: R13.53
April 2019: R13.86

What a monthly electricity bill could look like in April 2019:

Adding together everything in the April 2019 column, we got a figure of R1 555. This won’t apply to everyone, as not all these appliances are used in every home. That 4% Eskom increase may not sound like much, but we’re looking at something like R40 more on our electric bills per month, or R480 a year.