Stage 2 load shedding

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STAGE 4 load shedding to remain in place until FRIDAY

Eskom said the national power grid currently has 5124MW unavailable due to planned maintenance and a further 16 519MW because of breakdowns.

Stage 2 load shedding

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Eskom announced Stage 4 load shedding with a moment’s notice statement on Tuesday morning, 19 April. Before 13:00, the national power supplier indicated that the power cuts would remain at the same level for the rest of the week.


Eskom initially said escalating power cuts to Stage 4 from Stage 2 was necessary because two additional generation units broke down.

Later, the power supplier confirmed that Stage 4 load shedding would remain in place until 5:00 on Friday, 22 April.

“Load shedding is implemented only as a last resort to protect the national grid,” said Eskom.

“We, therefore, request the public continue using electricity sparingly, as we strive to return units to service.”

The national power grid currently has a deficit of 5124MW due to planned maintenance while a further 16 519MW is unavailable due to unplanned breakdowns.

A generation unit each tripped at Tutuka and Majuba Power Stations on Tuesday morning compounding the misery of the tripped units suffered at Tutuka, Camden, Matla and Majuba (2) on Monday.

“Since Monday a unit each at Hendrina, Medupi, Tutuka, Arnot and two at Camden Power Stations have been returned to service,” said Eskom.

The beleaguered parastatal added that the power system “remains unpredictable” and said it would inform the public of any significant developments.