stage 6 load shedding

[FILE] A top expert has warned that the situation could deteriorate this week – Image: Canva

Eskom: Should we brace for load shedding anytime soon?

Eskom has warned it may be forced to implement load shedding at the last minute as its system remains severely constrained

stage 6 load shedding

[FILE] A top expert has warned that the situation could deteriorate this week – Image: Canva

While there’s no word yet from Eskom on possibly implementing load shedding, the failure of the utility’s five generating units is cause for concern and an indication of rolling blackouts being on the cards, once again.

The last time South Africans had to deal with load shedding was on Friday, when it was suspended at 05:00. At the time, Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter had said there was an improvement in the utility’s generation system.


For now, Eskom has urged its customers to reduce electricity supply so as to avoid having to implement load shedding, as its system is severely constraints, as a result of the failed generating units.

“Five generation units at various power stations have failed throughout the day – three over the past two hours. Should there be any further loss of generation capacity, loadshedding would be required to be implemented at very short notice,” said Eskom spokesperson Sikonathi Mantshantsha.

The embattled parastatal is expected to give more clarity on the current power crisis when it gives an update on Wednesday morning, 17 November 2021.

Last week during another media briefing, Eskom’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) Jan Oberholzer said they would be able to prevent a total system blackout at all costs, despite the power system’s obvious shortcomings.

“I don’t think we think we are on a brink of total system collapse. We have one of the best system operators in the world” Oberholzer said at the time.

De Ruyter bemoaned the fact that they’re being fully blamed for the situation at Eskom, saying some of his predecessors should also be brought to book.

“Regrettably, from time to time, we have to implement load shedding in benchmarking the way we operate our system. But we can confidently say with the way we run the grid, I have every confidence to say we can avoid a total system blackout,“

Eskom’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) Jan Oberholzer