City of Tshwane power outage

Lone light bulb / Image via Flickr: Caleb Roenigk

Eskom increase the risk of load shedding for Tuesday 5 March

In the middle of Tuesday afternoon, Eskom have decided to put us all on edge with this latest announcement: Load shedding may be on its way…

City of Tshwane power outage

Lone light bulb / Image via Flickr: Caleb Roenigk

Who doesn’t love a load shedding warning in the middle of your working day? Eskom have stayed true to form and increased the load shedding forecast to “medium”. This follows on from a shaky February period, where the lights went out for days at a time across South Africa.

Eskom confirm increased load shedding risk for Tuesday 5 March

However, this warning perhaps serves as more of a gentle caution more than anything else. Especially when you’ve had Stage 4 load shedding in the past few weeks, this failure almost seems like a success by the utility’s standards.

Eskom blamed “the loss of additional generating capacity” for Tuesday’s slip-up, confirming that power cuts could be enforced between now and the end of the day. No timeframe has been established, but the usual cut-off time for the blackouts is either 22:00 or 23:00.

Eskom share their explanation

In a brief statement issued in the afternoon, the power giants encouraged South Africans to help ease the burden on the electricity grid – they’ve asked citizens to switch off their geysers and all “non-essential electricity appliances” in a bid to avoid going dark. Well, at least they said please:

“There is an increased risk for load shedding today due to the loss of addition generating capacity. We continue to encourage residents and businesses to continue using electricity sparingly during this period. Please switch of geysers and all non-essential electricity appliancea to assist in reducing demand.”

  • You can read their full statement here:

Check your load shedding schedule

To check your daily load shedding schedule, go onto and type either your suburb/village/area into the quick search field.

You can also call Eskom’s customer contact centre at 0860 037 566. If your electricity is supplied via the municipality, you need to refer to the table in this article and contact the relative authorities – either via the web or phone.