Eskom CEO shortlist

From left to right: Ayanda Noah, Dan Marokane and Vally Padayachee. Images: Central Energy Fund (CEF)/Tongaat Hulett/Twitter/ @padayacheevally.

Eskom CEO hunt: This is Solidarity’s preferred candidate

Solidarity emphasised the importance of selecting a candidate who will prioritise Eskom’s best interests and resist political interference.

Eskom CEO shortlist

From left to right: Ayanda Noah, Dan Marokane and Vally Padayachee. Images: Central Energy Fund (CEF)/Tongaat Hulett/Twitter/ @padayacheevally.

Afriforum-linked trade union Solidarity threw its weight behind one of the individuals on Eskom’s Chief Executive Officer shortlist. At least three names on the list have become public knowledge through media reports.

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On Sunday, 28 May, City Press reported that the power utility might soon have its first woman CEO – Ayanda Noah.

Noah is an engineer with management experience and was previously in charge of Eskom’s client services and distribution divisions.

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The other candidates include Vally Padayachee and Dan Marokane. The former has worked for Eskom and City Power, and the latter is a former Eskom manager and Acting CEO of Tongaat Hulett.


Solidarity’s preferred candidate is Marokane, with Noah being a close second. The trade union, which is currently locked in wage negotiations with the power utility, said both CEO candidates have the requisite work experience and technical knowledge through their engineering-related backgrounds.

“The best chief executive for Eskom is the one who will be prepared to steer the energy utility without tolerating political interference or bowing the knee to the ANC government’s misdemeanour. Former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter proved that this is no easy task.

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“It is for this very reason that Solidarity supports Marokane’s appointment. In addition to his qualification and experience, he has already proven that he will not hesitate to act in Eskom’s best interests, even if it means losing favour with politicians,” said Solidarity CEO Dirk Hermann.

Hermann said it was sad that a CEO of a company like Eskom should possess skills to protect it from government exploitation.

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“It is crucial that a person with strong managerial skills, political knowledge and the determination to take the right decisions is appointed to the position. In our opinion, Dan Marokane is the most suitable candidate on the shortlist,” he concluded.

Energy analyst Chris Yelland told City Press that Noah was the most credible candidate and said there was a strong possibility she would be appointed CEO.

“She’s the most credible candidate I’ve heard of so far – black, a woman and an engineer with experience in Eskom at the management level, who currently reports to Gwede Mantashe,” said Yelland to the newspaper.

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