Enyobeni Tavern

An eerie collage of Enyobeni Tavern. Photo: Fhulu Macphee/ Facebook.

Enyobeni Tavern: Loose parenting and Amapiano craze blamed

The Amapiano music genre added to the blame list following the Enyobeni Tavern tragedy where teenagers died under mysterious circumstances

Enyobeni Tavern

An eerie collage of Enyobeni Tavern. Photo: Fhulu Macphee/ Facebook.

While the Minister of Police Bheki Cele has questioned the parenting style of the children that were killed at Enyobeni Tavern in East London, SA’s popular music genre Amapiano has also been thrown into the mix.

Cele, speaking to the community outside the dreaded tavern, did not mince his words when he blamed the parents for letting their teenage children out of their sight until the wee hours of the morning.

However, among the socio-economic issues that have been raised leading to this tragedy, some people seemed to be blaming the hit and happening genre of Amapiano which is synonymous with crowded venues.


An observer, Pule Matebesi gave his 2 cent on the matter, reminding his followers on Twitter about a post he recently shared decrying this abnormality of alcohol establishment allowing entry to children under the age of 18.

The Post read:

“Cry My Beloved Country, we are now sharing the night with children. The under 18s are all over pubs and taverns. Alcohol is damaging us.

Is it because we are a country that has lost morals, a country that has no laws, a country with no identity? Is this all happening due to the absence of sport infrastructure? No netball grounds, soccer fields, parks, libraries or stadiums.

Are these children bored at home? Do we still have role models in our black communities? Is this all happening because of the music exposure, Amapiano genre?

Who should we blame? Should we blame the government, parents, ME or You?”

Who should be blamed? A lot of questions but no definite answers…

In this case 21 teenagers aged between 13 and 17 lost their lives in a tavern, an environment that they should’ve been prohibited from.

This is a developing story.