It will be a miracle for EFF to garner 60 seats in Parliament – analyst.

It will be a miracle for EFF to garner 60 seats in Parliament – analyst. Image: SABC News.

Analyst: EFF securing 60 seats in parliament would be a miracle

Political analyst stated on Tuesday that while the EFF will likely achieve a commendable performance, it is unlikely to surpass the DA.

It will be a miracle for EFF to garner 60 seats in Parliament – analyst.

It will be a miracle for EFF to garner 60 seats in Parliament – analyst. Image: SABC News.

On Tuesday, political analyst Goodenough Mashego stated that he predicted the EFF would secure over 50 seats, citing a projected significant voter turnout as a contributing factor.

EFF seems to be doing well

Mashego doubted that the Red Berets would secure more than 50 seats in Parliament, suggesting that anything beyond 58 would be challenging to achieve.

“The DA will obviously shed some seats. It has been on a downward spiral since 2014 when it shrunk marginally. I see them going below 70 from their current 84.

“If the EFF was to become official opposition that would be exactly what it remains, official opposition. The ANC would not coalesce with them but rather the DA for a liberal democratic coalition.

“An ANC below 50% is only good if new small parties nibble a sizeable chunk of EFF and DA votes. If its loss benefits bigger parties such as IFP, DA and EFF, then it’s a headache because together with small parties they (opposition parties) can form a government. And that means the ANC will need to make serious concessions to govern,” Mashego said.

According to IOL, he was addressing the EFF’s assertion that following the 29 May elections, it would be declared as the country’s official opposition.

During an interview on Monday, the party’s deputy president, Floyd Shivambu, stated that their organization would secure more votes in the upcoming 29 May general elections.

He attributed this to the remarkable expansion he has observed within the party across all regions of South Africa. 

Additionally, Shivambu remarked that as an organization, they remained undeterred by establishing the uMkhonto weSizwe Party (MKP) as they were well-prepared.

Mashego indicated that if the ruling party falls below the 50% threshold, it will struggle to form a stable government with smaller parties.

However, Mashego cautioned that such a scenario would bolster the DA while weakening the ANC, suggesting that it could be the last chance the ANC has to change its fortunes.

ANC faces stiff competition in North West by-election against EFF and MK Party

On Sunday, the ANC organised a siyanqoba (to conquer) rally in Madibeng, North West, aiming to achieve two objectives simultaneously.

The ruling party seeks victory in a by-election scheduled for Wednesday while mobilising voters for the national and provincial elections on 29 May.

The rally featured speeches from Soviet Lekganyane, the convener of the ANC NEC deployees to North West, and Nono Maloyi, the ANC provincial chair.

According to The Citizen, losing a by-election in Madibeng, traditionally an ANC stronghold, is not an option for the party.

However, they face a new challenge from the breakaway uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party, which is also competing in the by-election alongside the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Facing pressure to restore its credibility following a string of unfulfilled promises, the ANC aims to maintain its Ward 1 seat at the local council.

 It was left vacant after chief whip Elsie Kgautle passed away earlier this year after a brief illness.

The ANC has nominated a new candidate, Ephraim Maphatha Nkoe, for the by-election, which is viewed as a litmus test for the ruling party. 

 It must prove its resilience against the challenge posed by former president Jacob Zuma’s MK party.