EFF Cape Town brackenfell

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Summons up: EFF hit by hefty bill – for ‘trail of destruction’ left in Cape Town

The EFF will now have to hand over a lump sum of compensatory cash to the City of Cape Town, for damaged caused during the Brackenfell protests.

EFF Cape Town brackenfell

Photo: EFF / Twitter

A court in the Western Cape has officially slapped a summons on the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), after party members caused widespread damage across Brackenfell in 2020. The Cape Town suburb became a flashpoint for racial tensions last year – due to an alleged prom event that was ‘only populated by white students’.

With so much ‘he said, she said’ surrounding the matter, the incident sparked some fairly deep divisions amongst locals. The EFF kicked things up a notch, and hundreds of protesters turned up in Brackenfell during a chaotic demonstration. However, following several clashes on the street, the Red Berets have been held responsible for the following acts:

  • Damage to a fire engine.
  • Damage to an emergency support vehicle.
  • Eight broken traffic lights.
  • A destroyed traffic light control box.
  • Several refuse bins that were smashed-up.
  • In an official statement issued by the City of Cape Town, the total costs of the damage stand at R87 312:

“On Friday, 14 May 2021, the Kuils River Magistrate’s Court issued a summons to the EFF. They failed to respond to the City’s letter of demand issued in March this year, in which their contraventions of the Gatherings Act, as well as details regarding the damage caused, was laid out. The damage caused by the protesters amounts to R87 312.25”

“The EFF submitted an application to protest in the Brackenfell area in November 2020 and thereby accepted the responsibility to comply with national legislation and ensure a peaceful protest was carried out. The EFF failed to ensure this and failed to adhere to reasonable instructions issued by SAPS.” | COCT statement

Red Berets ‘went too far’ with Cape Town demos

Dan Plato is the Mayor of Cape Town. He has passed comment on the summons, welcoming the decision taken by legal authorities in Kuils River – while also condemning the ‘lawlessness’ that was reported in Brackenfell at the time

“While the right to peaceful protests is protected by the Constitution, there is no reason to damage infrastructure and anyone doing so must be held accountable. I am glad that the courts have seen fit to make those responsible pay for the damages. Our residents should not have to tolerate lawlessness and I think this sends a strong message today.”