EFF pRAVIN Gordhan

Photo: EFF / Julius Malema

EFF Presser in quotes: SARS, flavoured condoms and “President Mabuza”

Julius Malema held very little back during the monthly EFF Presser in Johannesburg. Here’s the good, the bad and ugly of what he had to say.

EFF pRAVIN Gordhan

Photo: EFF / Julius Malema

Once a month, Julius Malema and the EFF entertain the media’s questions in Braamfontein. It’s become one of the fiercest political events on the calendar, and Juju was certainly on top his game on Tuesday.

We’ve picked out the best 14 quotes from the 80-minute session, which touched on everything from Cyril Ramaphosa’s time left in office, to the pitfalls of wearing flavoured condoms as an EFF member. Yes, it really was “one of those days” in Gauteng. Here’s what was said:

EFF Presser, July 2019: Julius Malema’s best quotes

EFF plan disciplinary for “snoozing SONA official”

“Chair of the National Council of Provinces, Amos Masonda kept dosing off from the chair, leaving the proceedings unattended. This conduct will result in a motion of no confidence The house is also ceased with an erratic and lunatic Deputy Speaker, Lechesa Tsenoli. We must warn him that if he does not improve, he too will be subjected to a motion of no confidence.”

Julius Malema says Cyril must stop worhsipping Pravin Gordhan

“Ramaphosa’s decision to ignore the remedial action set out by Busisiwe Mkhwebane on Pravin Gordhan is an attack on our Constitution. The president is bound to the decisions of the Public Protector, He must discipline Gordhan accordingly. Ramaphosa must stop treating Pravin like he is some sort of God. It doesn’t matter how we feel about the incumbent.”

Bad news for the DA

“We won’t be voting with the DA in all municipalities of South Africa. We will also not vote with the debate. But if anything requires voting, we will abstain.”

Although, the DA can create their own bad news…

“We aren’t shocked by the DA’s homeless situation. They have no interest in protecting black people. What are they going to do if they fine them? It’s an extremely stupid statement to make, but it tells you how they feel about black people.”

EFF vs Cyril in ConCourt could soon take place

“We are taking legal advice on a bringing a Constitutional Court application to compel Ramaphosa to comply with the remedial action of the Public Protector as we did with Zuma on Nkandla.”

Julius Malema reiterates “defamatory” Trevor Manuel claims

“With Trevor Manuel, it’s about white monopoly capital. He is a product of the Rothschilds. He’s got a treble conflict of interest over SARS. Trevor can win the court case, but he and Kieswetter have some sort of relationship. He has recused himself on this matter before. It is undisputed.”

“It’s a disadvantage for other candidates. Why bother, when you’ve got someone you know coming? You’ve already paid the way for him. We aren’t scared of SARS, they can come for us. We’re going after Ramaphosa, so let SARS come – let the commissioner come for us.”

Julius Malema says EFF “will take up arms” in the battle for Mzansi

“Anyone who comes and threatens this revolution will find us ready. Our constitution says we’ll do everything can to take over this country. If the need arises, we’ll take up arms. It says it in a very nice way. For the revolution we do anything. If you are a member and you do not like it, go join ACDP.”

No room for criticism in the EFF

“If you have the numbers of members who aren’t happy with what we’re doing, tell them to go to hell. If you call yourself a member, you need to go to your branch and your region and exhaust yourself. We won’t entertain clowns or people who want to use us as a step-ladder.”

H&M saga revisited

“When you go to H&M and push those things over, and people want to condemn you – what is that based on? You must not be told by the enemy what is right. You may have to take out their heart with your own hands. Don’t come here with borrowed morals.”

“Because of that, H&M now have more black management and models. Thanks to us and what we did. The ‘702 blacks’ wanted us to stay quiet: But look what happens when we push back.”

The rules of engagement

“Without us, Zuma would have seen his term through. The black middle class want to turn us into something shapeless. Where there’s a need to use violence to stop violence, we will use it. But we never start violence – we only ever respond. We talk and talk and talk, but get pushed to the limit.”

President David Mabuza?

“David Mabuza has not had any tangible evidence of corruption against him. But there is something tangible against Cyril Ramaphosa. The R500k and R400m. White capital put money in the CR17 campaign. Allegations against DD are like toilet gossip. Cyril is in trouble… you must prepare to start calling him President Mabuza.”

Bosasa: Did Gordhan set Cyril up?

“There are strong allegations that Gordhan was at the centre of getting money for the CR17 campaign and that is why he cannot act on him. The media said Ramaphosa was honest and transparent. So why is he hiding things from you?”

Julius Malema says Oppenheimers are “protected by whites”

“There is a Fireblade terminal at the airport right now, but nothing is happening. Why? Because the Oppenheimers are white. If the Guptas had a private air terminal, journalists would be camped at the location every day.”

And finally… what a line to finish on

“Whether we use flavoured condoms or eat boneless fish – we get told it’s ‘against communism’. AmaBhunghane must know we’ve been here before. No court will silence us. We will pay our fines in court. Let the court suppress political speech. Because that will be the institution of corruption.”