EFF Roodepoort

Photo: Donald Mabunda / Twitter

Three things to know about the man who “assaulted” a pro-EFF pastor

A suspect has been charged following an assault of a pastor at a Roodepoort petrol station. Ron Rambebu says he was attacked for wearing his EFF cap.

EFF Roodepoort

Photo: Donald Mabunda / Twitter

It’s been one of the more controversial stories we’ve seen this month, and with good reason. Ron Rambebu was the subject of an unprovoked attack during a routine visit to a petrol station in Roodepoort, where a man approached him from across the forecourt and started delivering a round of punches.

Rambebu revealed he’d suffered a laceration above his eye and endured bruising to his face. The call for justice has been intensified over the past few days, and it seems things will be moving forward as of Friday: The alleged attacker has handed himself over to the authorities.

Earlier in the week, the EFF announced they were working with law enforcement to try and trace both men who feature in the video. Only one of them carries out the physical violence, but the man accompanying him does little to stop the one-sided punch-up. A police investigation is now underway, and we’ve got a few more details:

Who is the man behind the EFF Roodepoort assault?

What he’s been charged with

The suspect has been charged with assault to cause grievous bodily harm. It’s understood he won’t be named until he appears in court, so he will get at least a few more days of anonymity.

Court dates and venue

As the Roodepoort Record have discovered, the defendant is set to appear in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s court “at some point in the near future”. The pastor spoke with the publication but remained vague about any other court details. He also stated that he wanted this case “to send a strong message to all the other racists out there”.

How he was identified

According to Rambembu, he picked his attacker out of a police line-up on Friday morning. This, after an anonymous tipster phoned the pastor on Thursday evening to reveal his identity. Once he reported it to the authorities, they acted swiftly and hauled the suspect in for questioning.