EFF unfazed by Nhlanhla Lux’s defiance campaign. Photo: EFF/ Nhlanhla Lux/ Twitter.

EFF not shaken by Nhlanhla Lux National Shutdown defiance

Whether Nhlanhla Lux likes it or not, the EFF says its National Shutdown will take place on the 20th of March 2023


EFF unfazed by Nhlanhla Lux’s defiance campaign. Photo: EFF/ Nhlanhla Lux/ Twitter.

An EFF member Blessings Nethononda has made it clear that the party is not shaken by Nhlanhla Lux’s National Shutdown defiance campaign.


While the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) mobilises for a national shutdown next month, South African activist Nhlanhla ‘Lux’ Dlamini started an opposing campaign.

Lux took to social media to indicate that 20 of March will be a normal day for all.

“There is no National Shutdown on the [20th of March] or any time soon in SA. Julius Malema must go to sleep, he is tired shame!” he said.

Nethononda replied to Lux over a tweet saying, “Nhlanhla Lux must fall.”

“We are not shaken by him. Lux is a toy soldier and he knows that.”


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The EFF member went on to say that the party is taking to the streets to fight for South Africans.

“The EFF is for fighting South African fighters and South Africans. The 20th of March is a National Shutdown whether Nhlanhla Lux likes it or not, there will be a shutdown,” he voiced out.

The EFF plans to take to the streets on 20 March to protest continuing load shedding and call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.
This planned march which seeks support from all major municipalities was announced by party leader Julius Malema during a press briefing, expressing that this protest would be bigger than Zuma Must Fall.
However, the former Operation Dudula posterchild has gone against these plans by telling his followers that there will be no shutdown next month.

“What has Julius done for his own community where he grew up in Limpopo?” Lux asked.

“So what are you expecting him to do for the country if he failed his own community?” he further questioned.

He went on to say that these politicians profit from the people’s poverty, saying “let’s unite and show them the door!”

“I don’t mind being attacked by EFF supporters, it makes no difference, all I know is whether you like me or not, you will always benefit from my leadership because I don’t lead members, I lead the people… ALL PEOPLE,” Lux replied to forthcoming backlash.


Mamela and Lux have never seen eye-to-eye since the rise of Lux during his dudula days. Malema, who even ‘pretend’ to not know Lux during a sit-down episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG, alluded that he was not fond of anyone who forcefully chase out foreign nationals in South Africa who have no place to go either than be here.

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