EFF manifesto launch 2019 / Image via Twitter: Economic Freedom Fighters

EFF vow to give Ramaphosa “the Zuma treatment” over apartheid sell-out claim

Mosiuoa Lekota made some stark allegations against Cyril Ramaphosa this week, and the EFF are promising to give the president a rough ride over it.


EFF manifesto launch 2019 / Image via Twitter: Economic Freedom Fighters

After Mosiuoa Lekota’s shock revelations that Cyril Ramaphosa sold-out his fellow struggle era comrades during the 1970s, the EFF have been far from impartial on the matter. In fact, Julius Malema even offered Cope the remaining eight minutes of his Parliamentary address to talk more about this claim.

These are accusations that have been staunchly denied by the president. He took to the National Assembly on Thursday to chastise “Terror” for his divisive bombshell and explained that he never betrayed his people.

However, the denial has done very little to convince the leadership of the EFF that Cyril did not collude with the special branch of the apartheid police force. On Friday, documents which detail the arrest of Lekota and Ramaphosa – which happened during the same student protest in 1974 – went public.

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EFF reiterate calls for an inquiry into Lekota vs Ramaphosa

They show that the two politicians were both detained following the demonstrations, but only Lekota was charged two years later. Cyril’s name was removed from the rap sheet, which has some fuelled the fire of the red berets. The party are now promising to treat the president “in the same way” they did with Jacob Zuma. Their statement reads:

“Ramaphosa has not actually disputed that he denounced liberation while under interrogation. By his admission, police wanted him to testify against Lekota and others. Police wouldn’t ask him to testify unless he said something incriminating to the police about a comrade.”

“We will now be taking legal advice on pursuing the appointment of a judicial inquiry. Ramaphosa is conflicted completely emotional about the matter. We may have to get a court to force him to appoint a commission using a chief justice, in the same way we did with Zuma.”

EFF statement

“Communist ideas”

The EFF seems to be parroting what Terror Lekota is saying. After Cyril had vehemently dismissed the rumours on Thursday, the Cope leader stressed that his main issue was with Ramaphosa allegedly telling cops his comrades were “putting communist ideas in his head“.

Malema and co were very quick to jump on this facet of information and addressed it in their statement. They believe the president’s refusal to denounce this particular part of the accusation means he is a sell-out, and he must face a commission to explain what really went down in 1974.