EFF MP calls out tampering with Amaoti ballot box

EFF member of parliament, Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi, has alleged on Twitter that some special vote ballot boxes have already been opened.


Just hours after polling stations opened Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member of parliament (MP), Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi reported an incident of alleged tampering with ballot boxes at a local polling station.

Mkhaphili, a founding member of the EFF who has served in the National Assembly since May 2014, Tweeted about the irregularity a the Amaoti polling station in KwaZulu-Natal on her official Twitter account on Monday morning. She also complained that the local presiding officer at polling station had been unable to explain the incident.

“Amaoti hall in ward 53 . Ballots of special votes are opened .PO can’t explain it. @IECSouthAfrica”

Independent Electoral Commission acknowledges EFF complaint

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) responded swiftly to Mkhaliphi’s tweet, asking her to file a formal complaint about the incident.

“Please send us an email to info@elections.org.za with your id number, contact details and the details of the voting station and VD number as well as the name of the presiding officer and we will escalate the matter,” the IEC tweeted.

Mkhaliphi’s’ tweet generated a debate about the incident and the EFF’s motivation for highlighting incident.

@Aluluth38426670 asked simply: “When are you guys changing these cardboards, i mean, cant we have proper ballot boxes”.

@BlackNgamla agreed: “How come these things are not made out of steel with a proper padlock…?”

@murielnaidoo complained: “You guys are just scanning for excuses because your big rallies are not going to translate to more votes!”

@TMalokasi asked: “Not to judging but why is it always EFF that finds issues with ballots?”

@Mthethelelicil1 jumped to the party’s defence: “They’re not fast asleep, they are ACTIVISTS”.

@peter80680910 suggested that the ballot box be dealt with swiftly.

“It must be destroyed it’s compromised. I really don’t know how IEC can’t address such challenges.”

@Bogozola had a solution: “It’s 2021 for crying out loud. Why can’t the @IECSouthAfrica introduce digital voting?”

The IEC had not yet responded to questions at the time of publication. This is a developing story.