Julius Malema EFF court CR17

Photo: EFF / Twitter

EFF told to pay legal costs, as court rejects bid to ‘reveal CR17 donations’

The EFF’s bid to unseal the CR17 bank statements – revealing how Cyril Ramaphosa funded his ANC presidency tilt – has fallen flat on Tuesday.

Julius Malema EFF court CR17

Photo: EFF / Twitter

The EFF has fallen short in its attempt to ‘unseal bank statements’ linked to Cyril Ramaphosa’s CR17 election campaign. The successful bid for ANC leadership, launched four years ago, has been mired in claims of corruption and fraud.

CR17 bank statements: EFF lose case against Ramaphosa

Donors to Mr. Ramaphosa’s campaign have enjoyed their anonymity since the bank statements were concealed, but a bitter legal campaign to expose his biggest financial backers has served as a thorn in the president’s side. The EFF, and several other political figures, have fought tooth and nail to lift the veil of secrecy from these statements.

What was the Ramaphosa judgement?

Alas, CR17 and its fiscal mysteries will remain hidden from the public. The judgment, handed down on Tuesday morning, was also accused of being shared ‘in a clandestine manner’. That’s because there was no live stream provided to the media, cutting off the ability to broadcast the proceedings. The verdict, meanwhile, only gave a short summary:

Malema, EFF simmering over court order

The EFF will now have to stump up the cash to compensate the courts for their time. The Red Berets have endured a string of legal defeats in the past few years – most notably against AfriForum – and another punitive measure is now set to hit their coffers. As one would expect, Julius Malema is absolutely livid with the verdict.

He took to his Twitter account and lamented the judge for failing to consider the matter of ‘public interest’. Juju also went on to further express his ‘disappointment’ with the ruling handing down in the North Gauteng High Court.