EFF says all students should have laptops and data

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Image via: Archive Photo

EFF cancels all mass gatherings and events due to coronavirus

The EFF says the decision to cancel all its events has been taken to protect South Africans and curb the spread of the coronavirus.

EFF says all students should have laptops and data

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. Image via: Archive Photo

We know you’ve been hearing this for the past week, maybe more, but the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have also joined the club in cancelling all their mass gatherings and events due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The EFF, like many other organisations, companies, educational institutions and religious forums, have cancelled their events to protect South Africans from contracting the deadly virus. 

“In light of the emerging health crisis with regards to the coronavirus, the EFF has taken a decision to cancel all of its major gatherings and events. This decision was not arrived at easily, but it is one that is considerate of the measures that need to be taken to curb the spread of the virus and protect South Africans,” it said on Monday 16 March. 

EFF cancels Sharpeville Massacre Commemoration Rally 

Based on its decision, the EFF Sharpeville Massacre Commemoration Rally, set to take place on 21 March, has been cancelled along with all major mass gatherings. 

EFF leadership will communicate and advise structures of the organisation of these resolutions and update the membership as the situation develops.

“We are currently going through a difficult period as a nation, one that requires all of us to be calm and responsible citizens. We urge all South Africans to follow the health advisements given by government and to practice high levels of hygiene,” it added. 

EFF hit back at Ramaphosa for coronavirus action plan 

After President Cyril Ramaphosa’s late coronavirus action plan on Sunday 15 March, the EFF was not impressed. Does that come as a shock though? 

The EFF hammered Ramaphosa for his late response to what is now a global pandemic. 

“It is extremely ironic that a government that has taken an unsubstantiated hostile posture towards fellow Africans for crime, is struggling to take decisive measures to ensure we are safe from this virus — which finds expression from these who travel through Europe — although the president has declared a national disaster, exposure to the virus within the country has already gained expression,” said the statement. 

“The suspension of gatherings of people over one hundred is a welcomed intervention, but we are concerned as to how this will be implemented. Our lack of industrialisation leaves us vulnerable to viruses and diseases that are not of our own creation. The EFF condemns the slow response from the state,” it added. 

Robben Island suggested as quarantine site 

On Saturday 14 March, 114 South Africans were repatriated from coronavirus epicentre Wuhan, China and taken to the Protea Hotel Ranch Resort in Polokwane, Limpopo, for quarantine. 

The EFF slammed this move, suggesting that state quarantine be prioritised for confirmed cases instead of those yet to test positive.

The party named Robben Island — the former maximum-security prison which held political prisoners such as Nelson Mandela — as a possible site to send those infected with the coronavirus.

“It is clear that South Africa does not have a special coronavirus facility to commit the infected persons to. This Robben Island or a special facility must be immediately identified and prepared for medical care of all persons infected with coronavirus,” said the EFF. 

“It is irresponsible and utterly dangerous for the government to allow unmonitored self-quarantine. This did not work in other countries and will obviously not work here. Coronavirus will sweep all over our country with supersonic speed, all because the government lacked the courage to quarantine the infected,” added EFF spokesperson Vuyani Pambo.