Pitbulls EFF

EFF leader, Julius Malema and a Pitbull. Images via Twitter/@EFFSouthAfrica and Pixabay.

ICYMI – ‘Not suitable for domestic breeding’: EFF on Pitbulls

The EFF says it will explore means through legislation to ensure that domestic ownership of Pitbulls is banned.

Pitbulls EFF

EFF leader, Julius Malema and a Pitbull. Images via Twitter/@EFFSouthAfrica and Pixabay.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has added its voice to the many calling for Pitbulls to be banned as pets in the country. 

This follows a spate of incidents where people, especially minors have been seriously injured or even worse mauled to death by the vicious and aggressive dogs. 


Making reference to the three most recent cases where ten-year-old Storm Nuku from Gqeberha, eight-year-old Olebogeng Mosime and three-year-old Keketso Saule were mauled to death by Pitbulls, the party said it is telling that the dogs have a propensity to attack children. 

According to the party, it has become clear that Pitbulls are not suitable for domestic breeding, especially in conditions that may not be favourable to their existence such as limited living space. 

“They are an aggressive breed who attack humans viciously, and this is exhibited by their tendency to attack the human neck rendering their attacks fatal. 

“Many nations have banned or placed stringent conditions on the ownership of Pitbulls due to recognising that the breed cannot coexist with human beings and this has become clear in the recent spate of attacks in the country.”


Countries such as Russia, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Portugal, as well as parts of Germany, China, Brazil and Australia have either banned, put restrictions on ownership of the breed or its importation.

Furthermore, the Red Berets said the ownership of Pitbulls is often used as a deterrent to crime and home invasion. It further alleged that this means Pitbulls are bred so they can attack human beings and the attack on children exposes how illogical it is to think that dogs can differentiate between which humans are a threat or not.

The party has since called for owners to voluntarily surrender their dogs to the SPCA to avoid further attacks and retaliation by communities to Pitbull attacks. It said there are many breeds of dogs which exist that can be kept and not pose a risk to other human beings.

On Sunday, 20 November when three-year-old was also killed by a Pitbull, the community allegedly burnt the dog to death. In another incident, three dogs were also allegedly stoned, stabbed and burnt to death after attacking an 11-year-old.

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